Thursday, 19 January 2012

The To Do List 2012

Are you one of those people who tends to "bite off more than you can chew"? I certainly am and in my usual fashion this week, signed up for a few things I probably don't really have the time for. Why? 

Well I have quite a few projects on the go that are not finished. I promised myself wholeheartedly that I WOULD FINISH THEM ALL before starting anything new. But you know how it is don't you. When one has a yarn addiction there is nothing quite like hooking or casting on yet another project. 

So here is my list just for the immediate future.....


* Trinity Lace Shrug   (which is annoying me a bit right now so is sitting aside) 

* Eucalyptus dreams Cardi (which I have not picked up for weeks because I keep casting on other smaller knits. Woops. I am onto the second sleeve though. Which is better than nothing). 

* Awesome Hoodie (which was frogged so long ago, I almost forgot about it. While I was loving the wave pattern, the sleeves kept on coming out wrong and I got fed up. I really want to finish it though as its really cute! )

There are several other little projects that I am not going to bother showing as they have been waiting for so long I will just go with the thought "I probably won't have time anyway".

MUST DO'S (you know promised stuff to others)

* Several knitted baby hats (on order)
* Baby Cardigan in Moss Stitch  (see right)
* Long Jumper for second daughter ( Pattern yet to be decided but must be done for July)
* Baby cardigan or jumper for my cousins baby
* Baby blanket for nephew (think this will be my next one a day project)
*Jumper and beanie for daughters puppy
*Jumper for my dog Miko
* Green beanie to match my scarf. 
* 5 pay it forward gifts

I joined the pay it forward on facebook thinking it would be easy to come up with five little gifts in a hurry. Then someone asked if they could make a request and so silly me said SURE. So guess what, here are the requests.

* One cowl (she picked a really easy one but I think I will make something a little nicer)
* One dog jumper and beanie (yes daughters orders and then she wants a knitted Lace Collar for herself too. I think the one gift part did not reach her ears. LOL) Neither of these two offered patterns with their orders just Etsy pictures LOL 

* One beanie for my niece (I am thinking of making a hello kitty one) 

* The other two have kindly left it up to me. I have not decided as yet what to make for one of them, but think it will be something warm for winter. 

As for the last one, her comment was "I will leave it up to you as I know how busy you are" And because she was such a sweetheart I decided to make her the African Flower Bag as I am taking part in this  CAL on ravelry to make it and thought this would take care of two things at once. Here are the colours I am using...... I had to restrain myself from buying more supplies as I really need to use up all my stash. I am not really fond of the pink one but not sure if I have enough of the other colours to go on with so we will see. 

This is the pattern I will be using for the baby blanket for "One a Day". I have loads of soft acrylic yarn that was given to me that I thought I would never use. I have a bit of an acrylic phobia, ick but hate to be wasteful.......I had to copy this from a blanket I bought at a fete really quickly as my daughter took the blanket home last week for her puppy. The main part will be pale blue and the inner parts in all different pastels etc. 

Now of course this is the bare basic list. I have my eye on so many other projects its not funny and I probably would have ordered the yarn for them all, but we have a homeschool camp coming up and I need to pay for it so am behaving myself for now. My book list is also growing longer each day. I really love several Interweave books right now that I really must have. LOL 

Now at the risk of overwhelming myself with far too many things to do. I am off to start the day! What are you planning to make this year? 

Hugs and smoochies all xoxoxox


  1. You certainly have bitten off more than you can chew, but hey it wouldnt be natural if we didnt keep casting or hooking something new :D As long as they get finished eventually huh...well thats what i keep telling myself he he.

    I love the green in your square, its very pretty colour :)

    1. thanx, it was a present and I was not sure what I would make with it. Its even softer than the pastel colours I have.

  2. Oh Karisma, I so relate to you. At the New Year I said I would only have one big project and one little project on the go at the same time. Then I started 3 CAL's. Lol. That is why I don't usually make resolutions. January is not even over yet and I have 7 WIPs. Glad we are in some of the same groups on Ravelry though. I LoVe your flowers.

    1. Only two projects would never be enough. LOL I am really looking forward to finishing the bag as I would also like to make one for myself in pale green/blue/beigy type colours. I might have to put the one a day off for a few weeks.

  3. Good grief you have a lot on your plate- there's no way I could pull all that off. You must be very organized. And I have to say your knittings are beautiful!

    1. Well Hello there stranger! Been a long time. Organized is not a word I would use to describe me at all. Chaotic more likely. Hugs xoxox

  4. Oh my goodness Karisma... you have Sooo much going on...I do too, but the thought of making a list and showing it on the blog... OOO I've gone all faint! You brave woman! I look forward to lots of lovely Karisma Ta-dahs! Have a good weekend! :)x

    1. LOL I like to tell myself that if I write a list a might actually get it all done. One can only dream hey?

  5. It's so fun to start, yeah? And then you realize how much time is needed to finish each one and then you sigh...
    I like that pattern for your new One-a-Day.
    I wish to be an octopus sometimes. I feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes at what I'd like to make for the ohana, myself, and gifts. But I want to fit in designing as well. I'm just trying to take it day by day.
    Right's cleaning for Chinese New Year.

    1. Yes it would be rather marvelous to have as many arms as an octopus. I have also wanted to design a few garments of my own but really lack for time. We are in holiday mode right now so no homeschooling activities to have me running around. They all start back up in the next week or so though so my crafting hours will be drastically reduced.

  6. Hi Karisma, I just gave you the Liebster Award. Love your blog.

    1. Awww thank you lovely! I love your blog too! Hugs xoxox

  7. how busy are you! I thought I was bad at starting new things before I finished the other projects! lol. good luck. I do love reading about all your projects & you are so very clever.

  8. You have a lot of projects going on!!! I love reading about it, and seing photos, and I'm sure they will all turn out beautiful.
    Love the chrocheted flowers and the square :)