Monday, 22 September 2014

Bliss Bomb Sweetheart....

Another test knit I worked on recently was the second version of Bliss Bomb for Mymymy Knitting. You might remember this one I made a while back.

Such a sweet little top/tunic and the original came in lots of sizes too.

The latest version is made a little wider so the sizing is a bit more versatile and can be adjusted using the I-cord at the top to pull it in and up. It also, as the name would imply has a row of hearts to sweeten it up. I have to say I am in love with this. I wish I had my own little girl to dress up in one.

Pictured here on both  3 1/2 year old and a 4 1/2 year old  models is the size 3-5. Made with Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply cotton in Lilac with a little pink for the hearts.

This pattern is not yet released but will be available for purchase real soon. I will link up once it is ready.


I took on 2 test knits this month. I managed to get them both finished in just 2 weeks which whilst giving me a small sense of accomplishment also gave me sore fingers. LOL Of course I was knitting little things on the side so no wonder. Today I am going to share the little one with you. 

Introducing Taliesin...the mini version.  By: Whirlsie Designs. 

Cute much? My model was simply delightful. She is pictured wearing the 6-9 month size. Worked on 3mm needles with Bendigo Woollen Mills Baby Wool,  4ply in Lemon. I added little wooden teddy buttons as I did not have any yellow buttons that looked quite right. Oh Ok I had plenty but I liked the teddies. They are adorable and were too small for the project I had intended to use them for. :-) 

A lovely design and pattern. Easy to follow and cabling is offered in written and graph instructions. 

The patterns for Adult, child and Mini versions are due for release in just a few weeks. There is going to be a KAL to celebrate the release of the pattern so if you are interested its a great time to snap it up as there will be discounts and of course prizes to go along with the KAL. Go visit Whirlsie Designs for more information and to join the KAL mailing list if you are interested. I am seriously considering making one for myself. Just love that cabling down the front.  :-) 

Happy Knitting all. Hope you can join us. 

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Hello my lovely bloggy friends. I hope you are well. Things have been just a little topsy turvy in the land of Karisma. Sad family happenings, illnesses and the usual drama's that evolve in life had me away for a little while. But there have been some lovely times as well and lots of FO's have finally been photographed to share. :-)

I had loads of fun one day with my little models. As anyone with children would probably know. Its a matter of taking lots and lots of pictures on the go if the models are very little and/or indeed a little stubborn when it comes to posing. The cuteness either way just melts me. I followed them around, jumped on the trampoline and even chased the bee's away. (Well I pretended to anyway, I love bees and welcome them in my garden). Anyway, without further rambling lest I scare you away, here is my first little model Miss 3 wearing Demetra.

Demetra Pattern by Sarah Elizabeth Schmidt is knit here using Passioknit Scandy Ayres Yarn in 12 ply which is an acrylic, mohair, wool, nylon blend. Its lovely and soft and very stretchy. The swing style of the top means it also is big enough to suit several sizes. Here is Miss 4 1/2 styling it with a matching Aviatrix by Just Jussi.

It's a pretty quick knit and the pattern is easy to follow. You will need to be prepared for just a little bit of sewing though to turn the hem and add the little pockets. A gorgeous little top, thought so well worth the effort.

The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry if you would like to knit it too.   (click here) 

Have a beautiful week everyone. Hugs xoxo

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Knit Knit Knit Knit

Hello lovelies, 

Just popping by to let you know I have not fallen off the planet or anything so drastic. After arriving home from our big trip away and unpacking and trying to get back into the swing of everyday life, I managed to forget about updating the blog. But I have been knitting.. and knitting... and knitting some more. My fingers are sore :-) 

I have finished a few little things in the past couple of weeks and have a photo shoot planned for next week. So will hold out to FO share pictures until then. The little sneaky peaks here of the yellow yarn is a test knit for Whirlsie Designs. A Mini Taliesin which is ever so cute. I just want a baby to fill it up. Yes I do.  Well a grand baby would be nice anyway. 

I took delivery of a bunch of yarn last week and have been very very good and just admired it rather than cast on something new. The temptation has been killing me. Especially since those two at the front are my first hand dyed yarn deliveries and I am so looking forward to trying them out. The neutral yarns are intended for dyeing. I just need to get the courage to get started now. I have been wanting to try dyeing with natural plants for a long time but never quite got to it. I have some tansy flowers soaking and am keen to try it the old fashioned way. But of course feeling a little nervous at the same time lest I stuff it up. 

Well I did cast on with the cotton. The Lavender one there but that is yet another test knit. This one for MyMyMy knitting.  Almost finished. Sneaky peaks only......

And last for a bit of crochet..... this is the first pic of a pattern I have been working on myself..... I need to make it in a plain colour as you can't really see the pattern in the skirt. I had to put it aside to finish the test knits but hope to get it finished by next month. 

What have you been working on this week? I hope your crafty hands are keeping busy. 

Love and Light to you xoxoxox