Monday, 28 January 2013

Offline adventures...

Hello my lovely friends, how are we all today? 

The weather here is looking like a very yarn filled week will be on the cards. Pretty consistent rain and rather cool for summer days. 

I have just taken a little break away from home in which I decided to leave the computer behind and not even check mail etc for a week. I have to say it was a very wise decision. I think I should do it more often. With no distractions of various groups etc, no wanting to go shopping for yet more yarn because someone has just posted how cheap the latest spotlight sale is or no thinking about what homeschool activities we will attend because we don't even know about them yet.

So what did I do besides laze around lakes and beaches that were not my local ones? Well, I finally finished this.........

I still need to find some buttons for it but its all stitched up after a whole year of toting it around and forgetting it was even there at times. 

And, I even made a hat which I am not too happy with. It came out way smaller than it should have so will have to be for a small child. Easy enough to knit but I would have to go up a couple of needle sizes I think to get it to fit an adult. 

I got to thinking a lot about designing my own patterns and thought of quite a few ideas. Hoping I will find the time to get into that soon. I have so much to do around home though so not sure when that will eventuate. 

I have also been working on some crochet. But will save that for another day. Hope you are all well and happy. Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox

Love and Light 

Friday, 18 January 2013

Ooh La La

Hello my beautiful bloggy friends. How is 2013 treating you all? 

I thought I had better stop by and let you know that I am still alive and kicking and have in fact not yet fallen off the planet. Well, for those of you who do not know me in other realms anyway. ;-) 

I have been keeping very very busy, bumming around at the beach every afternoon, soaking up the hot sunshine while it is here. Gardening and drying herbs and such. I even made some sun-dried tomatoes. 

I have also been procrastinating a lot about finishing all those UFO's (my bad). And of course starting new projects which I always do as you know BUT look at this... I actually finished not one but TWO of those new projects. Yay! 

First up with have the slouchie Granny Square hat which has proven rather popular with my family and friends who all seem to want one too. This one is going to my daughter in Melbourne. 

This hat was made with a 5mm hook and Poems Wool. I used two balls which I picked up at Spotlight sales for $2.80 per ball and a few bits of leftover yarn from Bendigo Woollen mills to break it up a bit. 

My other little gem picked up from the Sale was Poems Silk for $3.50 per ball. I unfortunately only picked up 6 balls of the same colour and had to do a scream out for help. Thankfully, the lovely Sandy, managed to pick me up another 9 balls from Port Macquarie and even sent them down to me so I was able to finish. The yarn was not the same price up there but I am really happy that I was able to get some. All up it costed me around $70. We have not had time for a photo shoot but Zak took this one for me just so you can get an idea.....

The lighting really does not give the colours justice but I still love it! What do you think? I am keeping this one for myself. :-) Loved the yarn and so wish I had of bought more of the same. It ended up taking  12 balls so I have enough left for a hat to match. I used a 6mm hook and one strand of yarn. The patterns calls for two strands of a finer yarn. You can find it (HERE) if you would like to make one too. 

Sibel thought she would help as well.......or claim it for herself anyway.....

We had many struggles over who in fact owned this yarn. What can I say? She has great taste! 

Now I am melting in the heat so am off to finish my housework then off to the beach. Hope you are well.

 Hugs and smoochies xoxoxoxo