Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Checking In...

Hello Hello My friends......Just in case you have forgotten what I look like. Here I am being silly in my latest FO, hot off the hook and impatient to wait for my younger model...... (All pics taken with phone today and pinched from my facebook page)...

The Yarn is Cleckheaton California in Circus... its stripes up really nicely all by itself.  The pattern is the Sophisticated Scarf by Katherine Eng.  I made the hat up myself to match.

In my absence from blogland I have been stressing out over the state of my house with our front room looking like an episode from hoarders with way too much stuff piled in there. Upstairs is under construction and the dust and mess keep piling down on us.  We do however, now have walls where there were none and others gone that were there. The painter is coming on Saturday and the floorboards have been ordered so there is hope for us yet. :-)

In between all this we have been spending a lot of time with family. My aunt is here from the US and my sister came from interstate for a visit too. Oh we have been busy.

Me being me, of course kept on taking yarn about in my bag and kept up a little something going here and there. I started out with a few hats..... because hats are quick and easy to cart around. Please excuse the crappy pics. I have not had time to take better ones.....

 This one also turned into a hat but I have not taken a pic of it finished yet...

Then I got mail (see picture below)  so have been getting to work on knitting for the hubby as well as several smaller gifts which need to be posted out soon.

Sending you love and light my friends. <3 Hope you well.  xoxox

Monday, 3 March 2014

This weeks between renovation craziness....

The in between work basket
Selfies (by her) 

Hippy Chic Slouchie

AussieMaria's .... Southern Star    Made a little shorter by me as ran out of yarn.

Gothic Cross bookmark (from Big Book of Crochet)

There was a couple more things but no pics as yet. Take care lovelies. Hope you are healthy and happy! Namaste! xoxo

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ta-dah.....Butterfly Style.....

All done...  We are calling it Butterfly....

Because of the buttons of course .......

and well Silver Cardigan does not quite sound right with our colour choice now does it? The original however did.   I used Moda Vera Pure Wool in 8ply and 4mm needles. The pattern states it is to fit 12 months but Little Miss is 4 so I would probably use smaller needles and thinner yarn to fit a 12 month old. Easy pattern to follow and a fairly quick knit. A pleasure all round.

Little Miss likes it very much. It was part of her birthday gift package yesterday... She is 4 now and very proud to say so too.

Such a cutie pie.......loves to pose for the camera...... I did point out that I could not see her jacket in this one but she insisted....

Thats a bit better.....

She also received that last poncho I made....

And little Winifred which she posed for ages ago but only got to take home yesterday...

Lucky for us she loves clothes so there was no where are my toys questions at all.  She also got some frangipani hair ties and a pretty green dress but they were not handmade so don't make the blog. :-)

Have a wonderful day all. Peace, Love and Light. xoxox

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Busy Busy Me

I have once again been away from blogland and have not had time to post or catch up with my favourite blogs lately. We are undertaking a quite large renovation on the upstairs of our home which has meant that I have had to move out of my craft room, so that we can move all those residing upstairs, down.  A huge job so far and no where near completion. My room is almost empty and in the process I have sorted and donated quite a bit of crafty stuff and books to a local charity drive that is coming up soon.

I have been picking up my knitting, crochet and cross stitch projects with less regularity and its driving my sense of self a little batty. It could be the fact that my house which was sorted into some sort of normality is now once again chaotic. Yep it could be that. Lets just say I am a little frazzled.

We sent the youngest boy off to high school this year. Our homeschooling days are over for now. One would think I would have finally been able to immerse myself in my crafty pursuits but well, we will see.

Despite all the chaos, I did unearth several unfinished projects and I managed to finish this one for my niece. Her birthday is coming up soon so I have been hoping to finish a few homemade gifts as she has way too many toys already. I will stop rambling now and present my little ta-dah....

Peace out. Hope you are all blissfully happy and healthy right now. Hugs xoxox

Friday, 31 January 2014

FO Friday....... Flax.....

Yay! Its all done and what a quick and easy design. Highly recommend this one as a stress free knitting project. Please excuse the lack of fancy picture taking. I admit I quickly snapped this with my phone last night as I was heading for bed.

For those that missed the last post..

Pattern: Flax by Tincanknits (free in all sizes from baby to adults/unisex)

Yarn: Moda Vera Tweed purchased from Spotlight (Was really nice to knit with considering it was not pure wool, extremely soft and squishy)

Now what to make next? I unravelled my husbands hoodie which was too small and need to either re-make it (did not love the large needles at all) or find something that will use the same amount of yarn. Ah decisions decisions. I have to admit that I have already tried 2 other patterns and after getting half the back done ... unravelled again. I also have a couple of things that need sewing together that are currently blocking. Should probably finish those off first. :-)

Have a great weekend all. Love and Light to you. xox

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

WIP Wednesday.....

On the needles at the moment...... Flax by Tincanknits, in Moda Vera Tweed....

Simple but effective sweater, knitted in the round from the neck down. Great handbag project as its nice and easy going. Enjoying it very much and taking it out and about with me. I am actually almost finished so maybe I can show it to you on Friday 

There has also been a fair bit of stitching going on as most of the time its too warm to play with yarn.

Take care lovelies. Hope you are well. 

Hugs, Love and Light xoxoxox

Friday, 17 January 2014

Charlotte and Moon

Hello my lovely friends,

Its been a while since I have dropped by, hope you are all well and have enjoyed the holiday season. Its nice and hot in Australia at the moment and we have been enjoying some amazing beach weather on the coast. While I would love to share some of my latest projects, I actually popped by to share some news about my oldest daughter Ashlee today.

Ashlee is joining the kickstart program and looking for pledges from as little as $1 to help her get started with expanding her home studio fashion label - Charlotte and Moon based in Sydney, Australia. Her short video explains it all and if you scroll down afterwards there is another short video which is taken at one of our local beaches on the Central Coast and showcases her gorgeous models wearing her new range of clothes called Euphoria.

There is absolutely no obligation to pledge and you can just have a look, leave some feedback if you like or just watch the videos and have a look. We would be very grateful if you could share the link on your facebook, blogs, websites etc if you like what you see to share it around. Pledge's from $20  also receive gifts from the store or items from the new range.  This dress is my personal favourite... its a little longer on me, I don't have long legs like the gorgeous model. ;-)

All details are on the link.  Thank you in advance to those who are able to help and if you have a few minutes to spare.. enjoy......

Euphoria by Charlotte and Moon Kickstarter link.