Monday, 24 June 2013

Playdate Hoody & Bobby revealed....

Well I did it! And with one week to spare. I managed to finish both of my projects for my nephew although I had a few hiccups along the way. With my youngest son away for the week it freed up a bit of time to concentrate on getting things done. However, I was not feeling 100% health wise so I had a bit of a fudge brain going on. Oh well, little imperfections are what make handmade sometimes I think. And they still turned out nicely, even if I do say so myself. (insert chuckle ;-) )

I named this one Bobby. This project used 2 balls of Sean Sheep Rockbank, and the rest in Moda Vera Pure wool. 2 balls in a pale khaki colour, one in pale blue and one in brown. All hooked on a 5mm hook.  I loved the way the colours came out in earthy stripes.

So what did I do wrong? Well with this one I forgot to upsize the hook for the main sections. While it might not matter so much, it did mean the chest is a little snug so I am contemplating getting more yarn and making him another one with the right hook size as it would be nice if it lasted a little longer than a few weeks.......he is a big boy for almost 2. And he does not like the snugness going over his head. His mama suggested maybe a button in the back band would be better so she does not have to hold him down. LOL

Sizing otherwise was spot on. And this was a really easy pattern to follow. I changed it a little in the sleeves by adding the colour stripes as I did not think I had enough of the other yarn to follow the colour sequence of the pattern. Mind you the pattern used plain colours so mine looks different anyway.

Now for the plain hoody.  Catching some pictures was a marvellous game and somewhat of a challenge! Might I add that saying cheese to this boy had him running to the kitchen looking for cheese.   I think he wondered why on earth the lady with the camera kept telling him to say cheese and was not paying up....he was repeatedly saying cheese while he headed for the fridge! Strange aunty! We did manage to secure a few shots in the end and you will be glad to hear that I got the boy some cheese! He  thanked me nicely too. So cute!

So whats wrong with this you ask? Well, after giving the main body part a good stretch and block as I was worried about the size. I knitted nearly a whole sleeve before I realised the sleeves were supposed to be in garter stitch. Woops. I was not starting again as I had managed to pick up those stitches ever so neatly, so I just went with the stocking stitch. I upsized the needles to a 5 1/2 mm to do the hood and it gave it a really nice stretchy feel. I think he likes this one better.

The main part was knitted on 4mm needles and the yarn is Sullivans Cozy Wool in Blue Taupe which I scored from an Op Shop (8 balls for $4.50 BARGAIN!!). This project used about 300grams.

I wanted to give you direct links to the patterns but my internet is really slow at the moment so am going to link to the Ravelry pages instead as I already have that open.

The playdate hoody link by Lion Brand is here.

and the crocheted sweater by Coats and Clark is here.

I also squeezed in some time to finish my large motifs of the Lorelei shawl and I made one and a half hats. I will share that another day though.

Hoping to visit you all soon. Take care.

Love and Light xoxoxox

Thursday, 13 June 2013

WIP Wednesday.....

Well I would show you what I am actually working on but I do not have any pictures right now, so I will tell you. 

Just when I thought my to do list was flowing as it should and I took the time to make a couple of extra little girl things. I find out that I am going to need my nephews presents a little sooner than planned as he is coming for a visit and having his birthday here a little early. Oops! Now that would have been fine if I had not had my dilemma's with his intended Oslo Anorak. 

I did get that back on the needles but unfortunately had to downsize the needles and now I think it will be too small for him. Arghhhh. 

So... I started a different sweater which claims to be a size two but I don't believe them. Set it aside for now.  Its one of those all in one type things in two strands of yarn that is supposed to whip up quick so if I get time I will finish it and see what happens. 

But first I need at least one useful gift for the boy. I am still working on the plain hoody but the knitting part is so boring and I have to put it down often and do something else. 

So yesterday I found a crocheted sweater and started on that. As I am using different yarns and a couple of different stitch sequences it is much more to my liking and hooking up well. I am much more confident that this one will fit. And I am feeling the love so it is flowing nicely so far.  :-) 

I have learned this week that I really need to curb my generosity when it comes to gifts. One gift per person will probably work much better than making several per person and perhaps smaller gifts?  And then maybe not always a handmade gift is in order when time is of the essence. I really started to lose my mojo when finding myself stuck with deadlines and having to rush to finish several projects at once. It can catch up with you all too quickly. Ahh who am I kidding? I will continue on as usual and wonder why I do it again Im sure. haha. I do so love it when I hand them over to someone who enjoys them. 

I am also still working on my Lorelei shawl although I have not touched it at all this week. I hope too. I did make a little progress while on holidays. A little. 

Oh and I did finish this little dishcloth made in cotton. I used a pattern at Froggiez place and then added the crochet around the outside to pretty it up a bit. This is also gift knitting and for someone in my online crochet group. We are having a Christmas in July type swap and I am hoping I get time to make some more goodies to go with this. It was a fun little project and something different! I have never knitted a dishcloth before. 

Anyway I suppose I better get back to it. A little more of that hoody knitting before cooking dinner and then I will work on the crocheted sweater afterwards. Right after I mark the boys English and Math and listen to his latest Ukulele recital. (I heard him practicing today and must say not bad at all for a self taught kid, he is doing so well!) Sounds very relaxing for a midweek evening hey? 

Ahhh no rest for the wicked!

Take care lovelies.

Love and light to you xoxox

Karisma xox

Friday, 7 June 2013

Angel Wings Pinafore.....

Oh I love this little dress and was happy to stumble across it at Suzies Yarnie Stuff,  re-written in the round and slightly bigger than the original design.  I have made several versions of the original which had the back open with buttons. This version only has the one button at the top.

I very much enjoy a quick and easy pattern that is also catching to the eye. Perfect to go over a simple skivvy (long tshirt) and tights and comfy for a little one. With so many gifts I need in the next couple of weeks, this one was perfect.

I used 3 and a bit balls of Moda Vera Printed. So just over 150grams and a 5mm hook. I made it longer than the pattern so less would probably do it.  I had purchased a couple of tops to go under it and they came with spare buttons so I added one to the back.

Very happy with how quickly this worked up. :-)

Monday, 3 June 2013

Little things.......

Things that make me smile.....

A quick and easy little project from Suzetta at Yarnie-stuff. I had a most loverly time browsing through her free patterns yesterday afternoon and settling on this little vest as a 1st birthday present for my cousins baby. I also chose another pattern which I will start when I have time. Chugging my way through all those birthday gifts at the moment. I think I might make a little shell hat to match though. I have some yarn left. :-)

When we were away last week I stumbled upon these jigsaw mats and had to have a couple of sets. Finally after all this time my pineapple shawl is blocking. I had nowhere to do it before so I am very happy.  The shawl certainly will look better now that the pattern can be seen.

And the other little thing is buttons. I have been searching for weeks for buttons for my Serenity Cardigan with no luck. I wanted wooden buttons but nothing has grabbed my fancy. So here we have four buttons ripped off another cardigan that I don't like and a heart to remind me to feel the love no matter what. This cardigan certainly tried my patience along the way. Thought the mismatched buttons made it that little bit more quirky. As if the colours are not mismatched enough....LOL......ahhhh it makes me smile anyway!

Please excuse the shoddy pictures. I thought if I don't post something now I probably never would. The cardigan although a nice shapely fit does not fit me properly with the buttons done up. Its not tight but it pulls a bit. And I don't have a model to try it on at the moment. All in all, it turned out quite nicely despite the fit. Loved the 3 needle joining technique used for the hood and shoulders.

Now I am off to work on my other projects. Will fill you in on them on Wednesday.. Take care lovelies.

Love and Light to you xoxoxox