Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Checking In...

Hello Hello My friends......Just in case you have forgotten what I look like. Here I am being silly in my latest FO, hot off the hook and impatient to wait for my younger model...... (All pics taken with phone today and pinched from my facebook page)...

The Yarn is Cleckheaton California in Circus... its stripes up really nicely all by itself.  The pattern is the Sophisticated Scarf by Katherine Eng.  I made the hat up myself to match.

In my absence from blogland I have been stressing out over the state of my house with our front room looking like an episode from hoarders with way too much stuff piled in there. Upstairs is under construction and the dust and mess keep piling down on us.  We do however, now have walls where there were none and others gone that were there. The painter is coming on Saturday and the floorboards have been ordered so there is hope for us yet. :-)

In between all this we have been spending a lot of time with family. My aunt is here from the US and my sister came from interstate for a visit too. Oh we have been busy.

Me being me, of course kept on taking yarn about in my bag and kept up a little something going here and there. I started out with a few hats..... because hats are quick and easy to cart around. Please excuse the crappy pics. I have not had time to take better ones.....

 This one also turned into a hat but I have not taken a pic of it finished yet...

Then I got mail (see picture below)  so have been getting to work on knitting for the hubby as well as several smaller gifts which need to be posted out soon.

Sending you love and light my friends. <3 Hope you well.  xoxox


  1. You certainly have been busy! I was wondering how the remodeling was going. Glad everything is going well despite the chaos.

  2. Love the little hats! Gorgeous crochet!:)