Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What is this......

.....Creeping out of my new up-cycled basket, kindly gifted to me for my birthday by my lovely friend Kel?

Hmmm is it a square? A soft, warm, woolen square?

Well it could have been and orginally it started off as intending to be a pair of hand warmers BUT as the colour scheme was looking so lovely I just kept going until I ran out of my ball of scrummy yarn and decided it would make a most lovely, warm head band or head warmer so to speak.

Now for the photo shoot, some taken by Meagan and others by oneself! Could not settle on which weird or wonderful ones to share so here is one from each angle.....

The side view......(the intention is to cover the ears and keep ones head warm without having to squash all ones curls like a beanie does).....

And the back view.......

AND another side/front view.....

And the token goofy shot...just for good measure....

BUT WAIT theres more.......with an impending trip to Melbourne in the middle of winter on the cards. I have been looking at ways to downsize luggage but still keep warm! So this little baby is also going to double up as a neck warmer! It fits just lovely and is ooober warm so I think I like it!

These were both self portraits so please excuse the tacky pictures. LOL

And that is all! There isn't any more! Would you like to know the pattern? Its very easy!

I made 35 chains, then sc into the 2nd chain and all the way across, turn and do the next row in dc. Work in alternate rows until desired length (eg. to fit slightly stretched around your head). I worked the last two rows in sc only and joined by slipping through each stitch with a wool needles. It leaves a flatter seam.

Hope you are keeping warm where ever you are.

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox


  1. Beautiful colors!!! I like what you did with it. The hat I'm making is essentially a rectangle sewn into a tube, gathered at one end and turned up at the other. It's all single stitch though, so it's taking a long time!

  2. Can't wait to see it Sayre!

  3. Thank you. Tested it out today in the cold and it worked a treat!