Thursday, 26 May 2011

Crochet moments...

My sister asked me to make her a baby sling for her baby who is due in July. As cotton is not in demand now due to the cold, I was a bit dubious if I would be able to find enough of the right colour to pull it off. So it was with great pleasure, I found, upon raiding the local wool shop, that not only did they have just enough balls BUT just the right colour! The very dark blue cotton looks quite purple in the light, which is one of the colours I know my sister would like. (Well her partner does anyway).

Of course I cleaned out the bargain basket and eagerly began crocheting away. :-) So as we see, I have yet another project on the go! Don't judge me okay? I will finish them all! Yes I will. :-)

Being pretty housebound this week as I have been unwell, I have also managed to whip up this little crystal beaded bracelet from the "Hooked on Crochet" book. Of course the pattern called for smaller wooden beads, but in my usual fashion I just went ahead and used what I had. And while it does look sweet on the wrist, I had hoped to make it into a necklace and found that the crystals are a wee bit heavy so it does not sit quite right. Now that I have the idea in my head, I think I shall design some patterns of my own and make them up with the crystals further into the pattern rather than on the edge.

The crystal beads are rose quartz and jade......very pretty.....

I also whipped up yet another pair of those granny slippers on order for my daughters boyfriend, who wanted a "bright" pair. LOL, so much for me being over it hey? Thankfully, my son has now demanded "real" socks so I am aiming to knit my first pair on 4 needles. I have never tried that yet after all these years of knitting. Since knitting these I also added a row of blue to the back square edging. (I ran out of red).

I also made some progress on the purple toddler dress which gave me a little grief when it came to the neckline. Will share that in another post when its finished. Hope everyone is having a lovely crafty week!

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxoxox


  1. I love the deep color!

  2. Wow! U have had a busy week! I love the look of the sling -nice colour! I, too have not attempted knitting socks, good luck, I'm going to try some too!

  3. ooh have fun with the socks! they're not so hard once you get your head around turning the geel, it's magic and fun to turn your knitting in another direction, you'll love it!!



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