Sunday, 8 April 2012

A tiny Ta-dah

With all my talk about freeform and trying to keep up with it, I failed to realise that I really did not have time for it. I had several little presents which needed attending too along with my other projects that are laying around half finished. 

So last night I made the decision to put the freeform aside. Quite frankly I am really NOT loving it, although I have enjoyed learning new stitches. I feel like I am rushing with it just to get it done by the deadline, and so I have decided to slow down and do it when I actually feel like it. It seems to get mixed reactions, those that think its ridiculous and those that love it. Hmmm

Anyway, last night as I said, I thought I had better get something made quickly. So I whipped up another little hat. My cousin asked for this hat in brown and green. The colour is more of a greyish brown but its all I had available and its very soft (must be soft for baby) . You have seen this one here before so I won't go into all the details again. 


Wool: Bendigo Woollen Mills - Luxury in Koala with a little Elm for the leaves. 

I have also been sneaking in a little crochet between Easter picnics and family togetherness. We are making the Catherine Wheel Tote bag with our Everything Zen group on Ravelry. Its coming along nicely despite my wonky wheels. I, in my usual fashion of working on auto without paying attention, forget to turn at the end of each row, so my wheels have a little added flare to them. hehe! But thats ok, I like a bit of added flare, don't you?

Now I am off to see if I have enough yarn to make an adult hat. More presents you know? Have a lovely Easter Weekend All. May your lives be filled with love and happiness. 

Hugs and Smoochies xoxoxoxo


  1. I love the little hat it's so cute...:)
    Im trying to get some knitting done myself.
    I've started Lady February Sweater but Ive kinda lost my knitting mojo at the moment got to many thing to get done around here Im still unpacking.

  2. Your little hat is so so cute.
    Im loving the bag, the colours are just amazing.
    Happy Easter

  3. Happy Easter Karisma! Love your little hat, it´s so cute!

  4. Such a sweet little hat!
    Love the colorfulness of your bag so far.