Monday, 2 July 2012

What a week....

Well I had planned on joining in on Yarn Along this week, but good intentions aside, I really did not get the chance to post. I did however take some pictures so I thought I would share them anyway. I could have waited till this Wednesday but who knows what would have happened by then right? 

Its currently way past my usual bedtime. I had a big day out shopping for birthday presents today and was thinking I would get to bed early. However, my youngest had come home from his friends house feeling a bit unwell. By tonight he had developed a high fever which is refusing to break. His breathing was leaving me a bit nervous about going to bed so I am camping out with him which was lucky as no sooner had I decided to do that and he started to hurl. Poor poor boy. :-( 

And since he has just gone back to sleep and I am up by myself watching him breathe, I thought, perfect opportunity for a blog post. So lets play yarn along okay? I have been reading numerous books this week in my usual fashion. 

The one up there I had forgotten I had borrowed from a friend a long time ago. I found it and after reading the 3 introductions (yes 3) I am coming to the conclusion this book is not going to tell me anything I don't ramble on about myself at times. I have to say, so far I totally agree with whats being said. 

I have also been reading quite a few herbals and healthy eating books on and off as different things pop into my mind. This is pretty much the way I learn. Spontaneously and suddenly. 

As for fiction, I have been reading Game of Thrones on the I-pad, (when I can get a turn) and Traci Hardings "Being of the Field" (a real book and my preferred way to read). Generally when I read novels I will read them rather quickly, but lately I have not really had much time so its slow going. Both books are really good stories though. 

Now for the important stuff, I finished the little green hoodie .... finally.... I ran out of yarn so I left off the pockets and refrained from adding the crab stitch around the edges. It still came out quite cute even if I do say so myself. 

The pattern is from the book "Crochet in No Time" by Melody Griffiths. 

The yarn is from Bendigo Woollen Mills and is Allegro in Apple Green. 

I chose some black toggles for the buttons........ and crocheted some little hook ties which I stitched into little fish shapes........

The actual garment was really quick to make, I however took a little while to add the buttons etc. The hood was a bit confusing in the pattern but I actually did not read it at first and before I realised I had nearly completed it anyway so I have a seam straight down the back like so.....

Hopefully it will fit the little head its intended for, my nephew who will be ONE next week. Oh my that year went by quickly. 

I also ended up adding a few rounds to the outside of my squares which I sent off today for the blanket of love. I got the pattern for the hearts from here. I am thinking I would love to make some more sometime too. Maybe make a blanket for home. 

And now my friends my sons breathing seems to have eased a little so I think I shall lay down my head and try to rest a little before he wakes again. 

Hugs and smoochies all xoxo


  1. I like green hodie so much. It is pretty with buttons.. And I must say that your blanket of love is amazing...:))
    God bless your son and your family dear friend..
    Happy Days..:))

  2. Thank you beautiful. God bless you too. xoxox

  3. Karisma,
    I was delighted by your visit to my blog. You seem to have quite a busy life. I am sorry to read that your son is ill. I hope that he is doing better today. Take care. Molly

    1. Thankx Molly, I was happy to see your post pop up in my reader. :-) Hugs xox

  4. I love the hoodie!!! It looks quite complete to me, even without the crabstitching.

    I come here sometimes and wonder how you can be doing so much yarn work, then remember that your season is opposite ours. It's so hot here in the summer that I cannot bear to even think about picking up my crochet hook, so I do my little felt animals instead. I yearn for winter and crochet though.

    1. Thanks lovely, Its freezing here at the moment. Our summers are usually pretty hot too although this past one was very fleeting. I do however crochet and knit in all types of weather. Its not unusual to see me on the beach crocheting something or other. Tend to use more cotton in summertime though. My hands get antzy if I don't have several projects going at once. :-)

  5. Hope your son gets well soon!!!

    Love love love the hoodie, it is absolutely wonderful. I love the buttons and the fish shaped hook ties :) Nice work, Karisma!

    What pretty crochet squares too, the hears are amazing.

  6. Fantastic work there Karisma. That hoodie rocks!