Saturday, 30 June 2012

From a distance.....

The urge to write a long, deep and meaningful post has me remembering that this blog is for knitting and crochet and unlike my original blog where I let it all out. I remind myself that my friends here maybe don't know me that well. So I am going to try and keep this short and sweet. 

This week a sweet little boy was taken in a tragic accident. His family who many may know from (Sparkling Adventures). obviously is suffering. We cannot do much from a distance. But we can offer our love, a little financial help, and for those of us always armed with hook or needles, we can knit or crochet in his memory and to wrap our arms with loving intent around his mum and sisters. 

A dear sweet friend has taken the initiative to put together a Blanket of Love and is calling out around the world to those with a heart for it, to knit or crochet one square (or more if you like) measuring approx 25cm  in any shades of red. The deadline is the 16th of July.  As I have mentioned before. Knitting and crochet is a therapy for me, I offer love, pure intent and prayer with each piece I create. This time was no exception....

As I plan to post this out on Monday, I am working a few more rows around the outside. It currently measures around 40cm square. 

There is a facebook page set up to try and raise funds to cover the funeral costs etc.  And also to rally help in other ways.  If you would like to help or spread the word, the link is here

The loss of a child in any circumstances is a terrible tragedy. I can only imagine what Lauren is going through right now. My heart cries for her and her family.  From a distance I will continue to send out healing and prayers. And hope that you my friends can spare a few moments to do the same. 

PS: For those of you who are not on facebook and would like to help. Let me know and I will email you the address to send the squares to. Thank you. 

Love, Peace and Harmony to all 

Hugs and smoochies 



  1. OMGosh...heartbreaking :O(.

  2. Dear Karisma, I am very sad to hear a little baby girl loose.. I may send all my prayers to her in my deep heart of course.. I believe that she is in heaven now.. God bless her family. That is hard but prayers save our souls..
    And I want to say something that, In my opinion, The blog is whole our lifes. Well I knit, crochet, make handmades.. but the other part of my life is smile, go travel, feel happiness or sadness and share them to our blogging friends. (This is my opinion of course)
    But I like to hear all lifes of my blogging friends Dear Karisma..
    I send all my best wishes to you and prayers for little sweet angel girl...