Friday, 21 September 2012


Oh I am naughty but I just can't help myself. With so many unfinished projects on the go, one would think I would just sit down and finish something. Well at least the two things that are pretty much finished anyway. 

Like this.. which just needs some edging and a bit of a block. I am rather tempted to just leave off the edging all together but I am kind of leaning towards attaching some crystals which of course I don't actually have right now. LOL 

And of course this ... which just needs sewing together. Although I must say I really do not like the edging and will probably have to crochet a little border to placate my whingy self and make it a little more to my liking. Hmmmm, I probably should make a cover for this old chair too....

Now we all know the drama of my daughters coat and I must say I ended up paying the extra $104 to buy the yarn to finish it. However, although the yarn arrived a couple of days ago I have not picked it up as I need to sort out how I will re-write the pattern to make it work. My brain has not been up to it. And I do not wish to stuff it up now do I? To add to that dilemma along came this lovely purple yarn in the same bag and I was up for a bit of easy going knitting instead of crochet... just for something different you know? 

Easy going might be a slight understatement when one is not paying attention. I got half way up this lot and noted that I had in fact worked the first four rows in garter stitch instead of stocking stitch..woops... I am totally not going to do it all again, it will have to do as is. Besides it won't really matter for the back as there is a long wrap tie that will cover it. :-) 

Now as if that was not enough to get the mind rahhing. I started some socks. My very first pair ever knitting on the 4 needles. And of course me being me, rather than go for a simple, plain stitch till I get the hang of it. I went right ahead and started this pattern. 

Nice picot edge, no worries and the pattern is really not hard, so why oh why did I have to not once but twice take several rows back and start over? Well that would be my fuzzy head of course, lacking attention to detail. The first time I forgot to do the knit row between the pattern rows for a whole pattern repeat of course. The second time I somehow ended up with an extra stitch so once again back it went. sigh..

Now this one, I have to say I was loving. However, I did not check the yarn first and I do not have enough to complete the project so it has been canned. Awwwwww. I could not get ahold of the same colour yarn so am going to rip it back and make something else with that one. 

I also started another poncho, just so I had something to do in the car. That one however is being made from varying acrylic yarns that have been donated to me and scraps from old projects. I don't have a picture yet. My oldest daughter finished these little Mary Janes for a friend. So cute. 

At least somebody finished something hey? LOL 

Of course we will all just pretend that we don't remember my other un-finished projects. I will totally get to those soon. wink wink

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I am off out the back now to search for lizards. My youngest has just decided he needs to study one and as he just saw one catch a worm, he was rather excited. Oh dear! 

Have a beautiful weekend everyone. Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox


  1. Oh, Karisma! First have a cup of tea. Then start 1 square of 2 rows of a new WIP. Then think of what PHD you want to finish :-)
    (New one I heard this week - Project Half Done...just sounds so much more important than WIP :-)

    1. LOL then I would have around 10 or perhaps more projects on the go. :-) You made me smile though as I was wondering what I should start next.

  2. I like the project half done. That does sound better. I like your sidewalk shawl. I must be the only one who likes the fringe edge, lol. I can't wait to see what you put for an edging. The color is lovely. Talk to you soon. XOXO

    1. Oh I don't mind the fringe but I keep thinking the amount of yarn for the fringe could possibly make a hat. I am a bit McScroogy with my yarn. haha. At this rate I am not sure when I will finish but I am really leaning towards adding some crystals to the mix. If not just a small border I think.

  3. LOL. I hear you on procrastination. Big time here.

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    1. Thank you and Welcome! Nice to meet you. Im following. :-)