Thursday, 4 October 2012

Up date

Hello my lovelies, I thought I should pop by and let you know I am still alive and such.

I still of course have not managed to finish any of those projects on the go. I have been a bit too busy with family, gardening, weekend courses and life in general.

There has been a little progress on my ongoing projects. I have worked a little on my daughters coat. A little on the socks........not really loving the socks...I probably should have chosen an easier pattern for my first time.....hmmmm

I started working on the heal section last night, as you can see I have not really picked it up much at all since last time.

This on the other hand has grown quite a bit.......

I have also been working on another poncho. Will take some pics of that one later. 

My lack of blogging here has seen me posting more on my other blog. The link is in the sidebar for those who are interested in my every day ramblings. 

Have a wonderful day everyone. Happy crafting. 

Hugs xoxox


  1. The socks are looking great and the poncho will be lovely!:-)

  2. What neat yarn you're using for your sock! I think this is the first time I've seen you knit one. What a great purple for that poncho.

  3. Thanks ladies. The purple one is actually a wrap around cardigan. Its gorgeous yarn in a mohair blend. Really quick to knit up so far. :-)

  4. Karisma I love the sock yarn looks so cosy.