Monday, 8 July 2013

Catching up.....

Its been a really busy couple of weeks around here. So many family events going on that not a lot of time has been left for playing with my yarn. While I did start a little knitted dress for a certain young lady who is about to turn 2, I have not had as much time as I would like to give it my undivided attention.  I needed something simple that I could cart around  lest I go mad without my yarn fix. Then I remembered that Miss almost 2's mummy had given me back her hexy baby cardigan I made when she was born. So I set to work and unpicked the edging and added a few rows to the hexagons before re-joining and adding some length. I kept it simple as I felt a full ruffle would take away from the colours. 

I also changed the soft baby pink buttons to some polka dot buttons, more fun for a two year old. Hopefully she will get a little more wear out if it now.

Also in between that I made another hat for my daughter. I had initially made it bigger than mine but then she decided she would prefer it the same size and with less rim. We went with a different flower too. Its hard to tell in the pictures but the yarns are different too. Both Bendigo yarns, hers is Serenade  in Nut Brown and mine is Luxury in Mink.

I also managed to sneak in a bit of cross stitch when I did get a minute to sit down at home. Will share pictures when the picture emerges a bit more. At this stage it just looks a bit like random stitches. Hope all is well in your creative space!

Take care lovelies.

Love and Light xoxox


  1. I love the ruffles on the hexi sweater. Is your daughter the taller one? I think it is hard to tell!

    1. LOL Yes and thank you flattery will get you everywhere! xox

  2. The cardigan is lovely, what a great idea to add some rows. I love the ruffles and polka dot buttons!
    The hats are great too :)

  3. Cute pic of you and your beautiful daughter! Love how she doesn't mind wearing the same hat as you. The polka dot buttons are a lovely touch.