Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A little holiday knitting.....

Hello Hello my friends.....long time no see... I am still in the land of the living although a little lazier and fatter than a month ago. ;-) I have been away in the sunshine up north and although I spent the first couple of weeks with some arthritis problems I still managed to knit up most of my Aztec Hoodie (more on that later) and I started on Little Winifred by Sezzaknits. 

And I learned a couple of new ways to cast on and of course I seemed to have slipped into the whole magic loop method without realising I was doing it. Ahem, we all remember me struggling with the Oslo Anorak yeah? This time I just picked it up as I only had the one needle and wallah it works. Go figure. I have to say the DPN's have been cast aside for now. Although I will have to invest in or make some decent stitch markers, my store bought ones kept falling off and disappearing down the lounge. Anyway without further ado....... the progress along the way....

Well actually I am now up to the sleeves and the length is all done. I don't however have a picture handy so will show you when its finished.  These ones were phone snaps I took for facebook while away. :-) We have only been home a day and the kids are back to school today so a bit busy but hoping to get back into the swing of things this week. I will say I have been loving this pattern and the yarn too. :-) 

Have a wonderful day all. Hugs xoxoxox


  1. I'm loving that cable! Gorgeous. The wool is very pretty too! I hope your arthritis is feeling better. :) Fay

  2. I love the magic loop method too, it makes everything so much easier. Love your knitting,such a beautiful colour.
    I hope you are feeling better! xxBarbina

  3. It is looking great....I love that yarn, and whenever I knit (rarely) I use that magic loop method :)

  4. I hope your arthritis is better now. Ouchie :O(. This knit is so neat in how it's colorway zigzags about. It's a sweet and fun one that would perfectly embody a beautiful little one with bright eyes and a pure laugh.

  5. I hope you are feeling better now!
    Your knit project is looking great. Lovely yarn, and the cable pattern is gorgeous :)