Friday, 2 August 2013

Short and Sweet...

Hello lovelies,

Just a little bit of sweetness today. Made with some gifted Acrylic yarn which is surprisingly soft and hooked up mostly on the long car trip North.

A nice and easy project for a new baby. I used a 4mm hook and the yarn is DK (8ply) used under 100g.

The pattern is a free pattern by Sarah Sweethearts (link here).  One which I have had for ages, but never got around to, so glad I finally did, its really cute.

This is a really simple project with each row moving up in a slightly different spot so you do not even notice the joins. You can up the size by using a larger hook or it would be quite easy to add some pattern repeats into each section for an older child.

My WIP is a knitting one. I am working on a sweater for the hubby. So far I knitted most of the back and had to rip half back as the pattern did not make sense. I fixed it up yesterday and re-wrote the whole pattern down in hopefully a better order. Will see how it goes.

(I am currently right up on the border of NSW, 8 1/2 hours from home and planning to cross over today into QLD to take the kids to one of the theme parks up there, I have been posting pictures on my other blog, link in the sidebar if you would like to see pictures).

Love and Light xox


  1. Lovely to see you back! You are so good about baby knits/crocheted garments. They are always great. This is a cute summery top.

  2. So sweet! Good to see you back.


  3. So cute Karisma! I always love to see your makings!
    Have a wonderful weekend! xxBarbina

  4. Beautiful dress!
    Fay (previously known as faeryfay)

  5. Such a pretty little dress, I love seeing the things you make :)