Friday, 17 January 2014

Charlotte and Moon

Hello my lovely friends,

Its been a while since I have dropped by, hope you are all well and have enjoyed the holiday season. Its nice and hot in Australia at the moment and we have been enjoying some amazing beach weather on the coast. While I would love to share some of my latest projects, I actually popped by to share some news about my oldest daughter Ashlee today.

Ashlee is joining the kickstart program and looking for pledges from as little as $1 to help her get started with expanding her home studio fashion label - Charlotte and Moon based in Sydney, Australia. Her short video explains it all and if you scroll down afterwards there is another short video which is taken at one of our local beaches on the Central Coast and showcases her gorgeous models wearing her new range of clothes called Euphoria.

There is absolutely no obligation to pledge and you can just have a look, leave some feedback if you like or just watch the videos and have a look. We would be very grateful if you could share the link on your facebook, blogs, websites etc if you like what you see to share it around. Pledge's from $20  also receive gifts from the store or items from the new range.  This dress is my personal favourite... its a little longer on me, I don't have long legs like the gorgeous model. ;-)

All details are on the link.  Thank you in advance to those who are able to help and if you have a few minutes to spare.. enjoy......

Euphoria by Charlotte and Moon Kickstarter link. 


  1. What an awesome and professional shot. Wowzers! How cool that your daughter is into fashion and is working on her label. Good luck to her.

    1. Thank you. The photo's were actually taken by a professional. :-) I will have to find the links to photographer, videographer and models too. I put this one up in a bit of a hurry. Mainly to share the link as the kick starter only goes for a month.