Friday, 31 January 2014

FO Friday....... Flax.....

Yay! Its all done and what a quick and easy design. Highly recommend this one as a stress free knitting project. Please excuse the lack of fancy picture taking. I admit I quickly snapped this with my phone last night as I was heading for bed.

For those that missed the last post..

Pattern: Flax by Tincanknits (free in all sizes from baby to adults/unisex)

Yarn: Moda Vera Tweed purchased from Spotlight (Was really nice to knit with considering it was not pure wool, extremely soft and squishy)

Now what to make next? I unravelled my husbands hoodie which was too small and need to either re-make it (did not love the large needles at all) or find something that will use the same amount of yarn. Ah decisions decisions. I have to admit that I have already tried 2 other patterns and after getting half the back done ... unravelled again. I also have a couple of things that need sewing together that are currently blocking. Should probably finish those off first. :-)

Have a great weekend all. Love and Light to you. xox


  1. Yay!!! I love it. Is it for you?

    1. LOL No, its a little one. For my nephew who will be 3 this year, I made it in the size 4 so its a little bigger. Hoping he will get a couple of years out of it. :-)

  2. Hi happy new year!
    I have this pattern on my queue list.
    I've been overwhelmed by choices of what jumper pattern to knit bubs !
    I need to start knitting soon. The weather will start cooling down soon
    Your jumper looks gorgeous.

    1. Thank you. Happy New Year to you too. It was a really quick knit so a great choice if you want to whip up something in a hurry.

  3. Oh that looks so soft and cosy!! It will keep your nephew very warm!! I hate deciding what to do next after you finish something!