Thursday, 13 February 2014

Busy Busy Me

I have once again been away from blogland and have not had time to post or catch up with my favourite blogs lately. We are undertaking a quite large renovation on the upstairs of our home which has meant that I have had to move out of my craft room, so that we can move all those residing upstairs, down.  A huge job so far and no where near completion. My room is almost empty and in the process I have sorted and donated quite a bit of crafty stuff and books to a local charity drive that is coming up soon.

I have been picking up my knitting, crochet and cross stitch projects with less regularity and its driving my sense of self a little batty. It could be the fact that my house which was sorted into some sort of normality is now once again chaotic. Yep it could be that. Lets just say I am a little frazzled.

We sent the youngest boy off to high school this year. Our homeschooling days are over for now. One would think I would have finally been able to immerse myself in my crafty pursuits but well, we will see.

Despite all the chaos, I did unearth several unfinished projects and I managed to finish this one for my niece. Her birthday is coming up soon so I have been hoping to finish a few homemade gifts as she has way too many toys already. I will stop rambling now and present my little ta-dah....

Peace out. Hope you are all blissfully happy and healthy right now. Hugs xoxox


  1. I love the poncho and I'm sure your niece will also. Thanks for stopping by my post.

    Mary G.

  2. It's a lovely poncho, I am sure your niece is going to love it :)

    Have a nice time!

    Lluisa x

  3. What a fun poncho. Hooray for renovation. Despite the dust and headaches, you will have spectacular results to enjoy for years to come.