Saturday, 28 June 2014

Good day, G'day....Gidday....

Good day to you my friends. I thought I would share my excitement at winning a little prize on facebook the other day. I won a pattern from TiKKi. Very exciting stuff. Yes, only a knitter would understand the excitement of winning such things. But I was excited okay? So which one did I win? This one..... its called Gidday..... You can purchase it here if you like it.

 Georgie had a competition where we just had to name a pattern we wanted and as I was browsing on my phone at the time I just picked Gidday off the top of my head despite the fact I would have loved several of her lovely patterns, my son was using my computer and I did not have time to refresh my mind to the names of the patterns. This one was on the top of my head for 2 reasons, 1... I had just knit a little one and 2...I wanted to make more as one does when something is a pleasure to knit.

Georgie also offers this pattern for free in a baby size and recently had a knit a long with lots of helpful posts on her blog to go along with it. I actually missed it but decided to knit Gidday Baby after the event. I have to say, I loved it. The pattern is simple yet so effective. I immediately added Gidday to my projects queue as I thought my nephews and niece clearly needed one of these. So winning it was a lovely bonus. Back on is my Gidday baby (unblocked in its natural state LOL) it....

I used Cleckheaton Country Naturals in 8ply, it knitted up so lovely that I could not stop there and made a little hat and boots to go with it. I still have not added buttons yet it kind of got put aside with all the test knitting deadlines I was trying to meet.

This is the kind of pattern one can cart around with you without worrying about making too many mistakes etc. Yes I do love it and see several being knit up in the next year or so. Going to admit I already have the yarn ready for one of them. I think I shall take it away on holidays with me. :-)

Now for some linky love......

If you want to knit Gidday Baby you can find the pattern for free here. 
If you need some help with your knitting and/or some great tips, you can find them over at TiKKi's blog.  I have linked to the first post on the KAL, you can see more by clicking to next post as you go. There are some really useful tips especially if you are a new knitter. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy.

Much love and hugs


  1. Ho'omaka'i on this great win. It's a cute set.

  2. WOW that is exciting!
    I really like this pattern I've put it on my favorite list for when Sian a bit bigger!
    I love the top down designs!