Monday, 30 June 2014

Introducing the little Bright Warrior....

By Sezza Knits

Miss Chelsea, Model in the making! (aka Peanut)

This pattern by the lovely Sarah Ronchetti is still in the testing phase and will be up for grabs very soon. I will link to pattern once released. It will be available as either a sweater or a vest and looks fabulous either way.

The pattern is well laid out with step by step instructions so if you have not tried cabling before this would be a great pattern to start with. All instructions are clear and there is the option of using a graph or written instructions for the pattern panel.

Our Little Peanut here is wearing the size 3 version. As you can see its a perfect fit. (Despite the fact that she is 4 1/2 now. Petite little bunny she is.

This project used about 6 50g balls of Moda Vera Pure Wool in 8ply and was knit with 3.75mm needles. Giving it lots of stretch. It blocked out a a bit bigger than the initial size which I was worried might be a little small.

Its a beautiful sweater and it looks great on boys and girls.  I will be making more of them for sure.

We had a great time taking pictures. Isabella Pickles as per usual made an appearance in many of our shots. She wants to be a model too! :-)

Apart from playing with the dogs, which meant catching shots in between throwing the rather grubby ball around, we interrupted our busy photography schedule to stop and smell the daisies which are in abundance right now in our yard.

And all was perfect in the land of Karisma's Kraft.....well almost......

Being the honest types we better fess up to our mistakes hey?  To be honest,  I had taken on way too many projects this month and in my hurry to get things done, I had originally cast on for this project and knit knit knit away right up to the sleeve cast off before I realised I had made a mistake.  This mistake meant I had to start all over again. But thats okay because rather than completely frog it, I decided to keep what I had made and will improvise a little when I have the time and turn it into a smaller vest.   My mistake? I casted on the wrong amount of stitches. Yep 10 stitches less than I should have had. So my sweater was coming out way too small.......

A gentle reminder to myself to stop rushing and trying to get so much done at the same time.  Thankfully it all came out just perfect in the end. And I am currently working on only one knitting project. A cardigan for myself. The urge to cast on something else is ridiculous but I am trying to be strong I am!!!!

Have a beautiful week my friends. Hugs and love to you xoxoxox

Chelsea  xoxoxoxox


  1. Oh No!!!!
    That is annoying, at least you had heaps of yarn to start and finish another jumper. I would of been frustrating to have to frog it and start again!
    When I make mistakes I call them design features! ;)
    Great jumper! I'm trying to finish a sock and 2 shawls at the moment!

  2. What a lovely jumper! I like how it's unisex and fits her so well.