Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Hats Hats...its all about hats..

One would think at this time of year, winter hats would be off the agenda but no......Mother Nature seems to be a little bit confused. Just when we thought Spring had taken hold and summer was on the way, she does a turn around, the temperature plummets, the winds pick up and it rains too. On and off for weeks on end. So we took the opportunity to take some pictures of my latest efforts while it was not too warm to do so.

First up this is Jane........

Jane is a lovely easy pattern by Ela Torrente aka Modish Mom Knits and is available for purchase on Ravelry.

I have used less than a 100g of Do or Dye Luxury Yarn in Coastal Plain.

I won this yarn in a KAL a while back and I must say it was exquisite to knit with. Has to have been my favourite yarn in the last long while. I am very much loving the colour and the final result too.

But wait...there is more. Jane is not alone, Ela also has the pattern John along side. John is basically the same however, there are no eyelets for those who find them too feminine.

Either hat could be worn by boys or girls if one so desires. :-)

(you can find the pattern for John here.)

I have managed to knit 2 versions of John. One in Bendigo Woollen Mills Serenade in Green. I loved this one as the pattern shows up nicely and I think it looks a lot nicer than my other effort. Which is in Wisdom Poems Olive Grove. While the colours are lovely they are pretty much swallowing Ela's lovely design so I would recommend solid colours if you would like to knit either of these patterns.

I am hoping to fit in one more Jane when I finish up this months test knits and my sneaky projects which I will share later. :-)

If you are interested Ela is currently hosting a Knit a Long on her Ravelry group Modish People. Up until December 1st you can post your WIP's and FO's to be entered into her weekly give aways. She is offering a different one of her patterns each week and all posts are entered every week so you have a chance to win once a week. At the end of the KAL she will also have some other prizes too.

The pattern is nice and easy to follow and it makes a great hand bag knit.

I am thinking they would make great Xmas gifts too as they are quick to whip up.

Next up we have Love Street by Paula Henley aka Koru Designs. This is also a great pattern, easy to follow and a fun knit. I knit this one using another Do or Dye Yarn, Embers in Sparkle. The weather did not pick up the sparkles in the picture but I assure you it is very sparkly.

And that is all we have for today. My Model had a plane to catch. She was off to visit her sister in Melbourne for a few days.  I have a rather busy day ahead of me. Baby Photo Shoot tomorrow for a test knit and then visitors for the next few days. So aside from  finishing up one more test knit, making a start on another, finishing yet another Umberto for my nephew and working on a pattern I have dreamed up... I do believe I have a wee bit of cleaning and cooking to do. 
You have a beautiful day my friends. Love and Light to you xoxoxox


  1. Beautiful model. These beanies are terrific. You did a splendid job.