Friday, 23 January 2015

Its time for some crochet…..

Such a lot of my yarn time has been devoted to knitting this past year. Not that I have not enjoyed it but I do like a bit of variety and my fingers have been yearning to pick up the crochet hooks again. So many projects were put aside in favour of getting test knits  and gifts finished that I made a conscious decision that I would plan a crochet project and actually give it some attention. 

So with that in mind I actually said no when asked to take on new knits (other than those baby knits of course but hey I can crochet or knit those, that is up to me).  Anyway, when I noted that there was a warm up CAL coming up on Ravelry, I decided to join in despite the fact that the pattern was not revealed up front and I am generally not into the mystery CAL's, I  committed and we got started…. I chose some acrylic blend type yarn that I got really cheap in an op shop. Not going to lie, I was fearful of wasting good yarn. That said it was working out quite pretty, but not knowing where it was going was making me a little nervous….

So imagine my relief  when after starting, it was decided that we would be working on an actual pattern after all, and we put our projects aside and started again. Phew. After a vote was held, The Spring Crescent Shawl won out and we all started again. This time I chose some BWM Cotton in 4ply  for the project. 

The cotton is much more suited to the weather right now. I worked the first part whilst sitting on the cliff at the beach enjoying the fresh air. Pictured below is the yarn I did consider using but I am glad I went with the cotton now. 

So far so good. Provided I remember the increases which I keep forgetting on one side. 


This CAL is being held on the International Crochet Month group on Ravelry. If you are not familiar the group/party is active every year in March with lots of different activities to join in on. 

For now there is just this CAL going on to warm up before the Party Starts in March. If you would like to join in the thread is over here

Happy Friday Everyone! Have a great weekend! xox


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  1. I like the shape and stitches of this shawl. Glad you're hooking something you like.