Saturday, 31 January 2015


In between my larger projects this past month I have been making little baby things for a friend. I picked up this book at the library the other day and could not wait to have a play with it. If the cover does not suck you in the cute overload inside will.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Autumn Leaves baby cardigan inside and could not wait to whip one up. It was coming along just nicely until row 18 when my instinct starts kicking in and saying no no thats not right. I probably should have listened but of course I went on knitting…...In all honesty, we were watching Twelve Monkeys with the kids, an oldy but a goody and I was paying more attention to the tv than looking at my knitting. A couple of rows were ripped back as punishment and then I finally stopped and hit ravelry for an explanation.

You can usually weed out an explanation somewhere if you look closely enough. Despite the fact that everyone is so damned nice and does not want to complain. sigh. Really I get it but its more helpful if you just pop something down in your notes to say what went wrong. I did find a couple that mentioned problems and then went over to the blog to compare notes.

This pattern is offered for free on the designers blog so I think its ok to spell it out. The instructions in the book are wrong. It has been rewritten on the blog to add the eyelets at the beginning of the row and also changes the use of skpsso to ssk. Much easier and neater too. That aside, the instructions on the blog are then missing the underarm cast ons  and the marker placements are different. So if you don't know how to work without a pattern by yourself this one is probably going to confuse you to no end.

Needless to say, I do love this design (Its very cute!) and am just continuing on from here in without the pattern. I have placed the markers directly in the middle of each underarm and will work increases either side if and when I feel like it. Thats my plan and I am sticking to it.

It must be the name I tell you. Do you remember a certain other Autumn Leaves cardigan in the adult size I was working on last year? The one that required pretty much rewriting the whole pattern to get the leaves placed right? This baby was a breeze compared to that one. LOL

I just realised I never did get around to finishing the bands. Whoops, my bad.  Must add that to my Feb, WIP pile.

Back to the book. "What to Knit when you are expecting". Its a beautiful book. Full of cute babies, gorgeous designs and the pictures are just lovely to look at. I am planning to buy a copy despite my little gripe here about this particular pattern because well the cute overload has totally sucked me in and I am going to have to give this one back to the library next week. :-)

Now I shall away and get back to it. Have a beautiful weekend all. Happy crafting!

Hugs xox


  1. It is frustrating when a patter is wrong but I'm glad you managed to figure it out. Baby knitting is lovely - pity I don't have any babies to knit for - I have lots of patterns I would love to knit up :)

    1. I technically don't have any babies to knit for either. I just love to knit baby things though. I live in hope of grandchildren arriving soon. :-) My friend is actually a photographer and asked me to make a few little hats so I am obliging. I have a whole cupboard full of baby goodies waiting for future family members.

  2. I get frustrated with patterns that have mistakes. I encountered that with that baby cocoon pattern which is why I gave it three stars. The dark green is a great color for an autumn cardigan.

    1. I agree. I understand everyone makes mistakes but when its a book I would expect the pattern to have at least been tested and tech edited.

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