Thursday, 29 October 2015

Hello my friends, its been a while again.  A rather busy year with plenty of extended family dramas to keep us busy. Sadly both my brother and sisters relationships broke down which meant lots of changes for both of them and their children. Lots of tears and hugs were shared and major moves and adjustments have now been made. Life was just down right sad despite my usual positive outlook on things. I did not feel much like blogging. I am trying to get my mojo back and thought I would start with some exciting news.

Last week I was privileged to attend the birth of my new nephew. My husbands brother and his wife are proud new parents of this gorgeous little guy. And my niece is super proud of her new little brother She cannot get enough of cuddling him.

Here he is wearing a little beanie whipped up by his Aunty K partly on the trip to the hospital and finished on the day after he was born…..

I hung around for the first week until he was settled in and then had to come home to catch up with my own life and chores. They live about 3 hours away from us so we can't just pop in for quick visits.

Today is my youngest girls birthday. She is 23. Wow the years have flown. I just finished a sweater for her yesterday. No time to block it but will hopefully share some pics and linky love once she tries it on later today. Here is a sneaky peek….

Peace and love to all. Have a beautiful day. xox

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  1. I'm sorry your immediate family has been going through some hard changes. But you were an anchor in their times of need so that is wonderful. Congrats on this bundle of joy. I love how his little beanie fits him just right as "baby" size is actually bigger for newborns. Your daughter's sweater looks lovely; HB to her.