Thursday, 31 March 2016

A mystery CAL

Hello lovelies,

It sure has been a while..........again.  I am hoping to remedy that and share my crafting adventures a little more often.

Today I finished an MCAL project...he is kinda cute so could not resist showing him off.

He started off rather strangely we had no idea what it was… it kind of looked like a head but the nose was on top so maybe a turtle?

I did not get much further than this and had to go away for a week. I thought when I got back I would catch up no problems. I thought wrong I ended up with a terrible toothache that had resulted from some dental work I had done a couple of weeks before. Sadly my body had decided to reject the the work and I had to have my tooth extracted. It of course did not want to come out so after a bit of a struggle on the dentists behalf….I ended up in a bit of pain for a couple of weeks. 

While I wasn't catching up, I was watching what everyone else was doing and the guesses were getting better all the time. I honestly thought we were making a dinosaur and someone else said a dragon around the same time my daughter took one look laughed and told us who it was. I did take that guess and put it to the group and she got it right. 

Two days ago I starting cramming to get this done. I am feeling a lot closer to normal again and more like getting my hands on yarn. Yesterday I had this….

Its a little hard to see all his bits because he is so white. Can you tell who he is? I think he kind of looks like our old pet Nimrod who was an axolotl. He was also rather pale in appearance so the resemblance was rather striking.  

 Of course he is the wrong colours but hey it was a mystery CAL after all and we all had no idea what we were making.  He is a dragon….a rather white one… when he should really be black :-)

His name is "Toothless" aka Night fury from How to tame your dragon. Quite ironic considering the timing here. haha. My family thought it was a little funny. If I had not been in so much pain I would have probably laughed a little harder.

All in all, he came out really cute. I even won a prize for guessing who he was. My daughter has claimed him as her prize as she reckons that is fair. LOL. I think she might have a fight on her hands when the kids come over. After all she is nearly 26 years old. Apparently though he will match her bed nicely.

Have a beautiful day my friends. Love to all. xoxoxo


  1. I guessed Toothless when I saw the larger picture and laughed at the timing, too! I hope your tooth (or the place where your tooth WAS is feeling better by now).

    1. Thank you. I am getting there. Its still a bit uncomfortable as my gums are swollen but not painful anymore which is nice.

  2. Definitely funny how this mystery CAL coordinate with your tooth extraction - ouchie, BTW. Been there, 15 at once. I hope you're feeling better. And yay on coming back; pls poke your head in more often.

    1. Omg ouch!!! I don't think I could cope with that many taken out at once.