Tuesday, 7 February 2012

African Flower Bag - Ta Dah (Pay it Forward Gift #2)

When I joined in the "Everything CAL" group on Ravelry, I was quite excited at the prospect of the mystery CAL idea and then I found that it really frustrated me as doing one or two rows at a time and trying to remember to check in each day did not really fit in with my schedule etc. 

So when it was decided that we would begin a complete project all together, I was much happier and even a bit excited when the African Flower Bag was chosen as the project. I had been eyeing off those African flowers for a while but had no desire to make a huge blanket. The bag was a perfect way to try them out and it was a lot of fun to make ..... mistakes and all. 

After surveying the colours of cotton I had available, I immediately thought of my friend Marie and decided that this project would be my pay it forward gift to her. I had this inkling that it would be just perfect for her. (And from her reaction when I posted it on facebook the other day.....I think I was right...phew.... Her "OMG....I LOVE IT" was a good indication that I chose well). 

Can you spot the mistake? 

I found the pattern quite easy to understand, my only problem was that with a lot on my mind the past couple of weeks, I failed to notice that one of my flowers had one petal too many!!!! I only realised after I had already sewn them all together and started on the bag itself. 

I decided to leave my lovely mistake as well, it would have taken so long to undo it all and really once the bag is being used unless someone points it out, you probably would not even notice. (No one around here did anyway!) 

When it came to the base my 9 rounds were far too small so I added a few more. And even MORE increases, then it looked a little like this......

Buts thats okay! Now we were talking, and since I was on a roll for changing things I just went ahead and made the handle wide and open. 

AND I did not make the lining as I thought to myself, I would not want it as it would restrict the amount of stuffing stuff in it! LOL So I checked with my friend and she also said she likes to stuff her bags too.  Just look how much yarn one can stuff in there! Six 200g balls and there is still room. :-) 

Ahhhh what a lovely project this was, made from lots of different left over cotton and some new black and dark purple too! I have to say that I will be making myself one of these, once I get over my HUGE to do list that is. 

Can you see my mistake in this shot? LOL 

I really enjoyed making this bag, although I was a bit unsure of the colours and even the layout of those colours. Not for me! But so far, everyone thats seen it in person LOVES it! I think it is very MARIE but not so much KARISMA! LOL Now if it was green????????? It would be SOOOOOO MINE! I can't wait to hand it over to her on her .......

Made with LOVE by Karisma for Marie..........

Peace, Love and Happiness to all. 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxoxox


  1. I love this bag. Its so pretty. I probably wouldn't chose the colors for myself either, they are a little too light for my taste. Where did you find the pattern for this, or did you write it yourself?

    <3 Jenn

  2. Thanks Jenn, If you click on the blue word (African Flower Bag) up the top there it links to the pattern.

  3. Karisma, I love your bag. I wasn't too keen on doing all mysteries either and was really happy we did this project. The bags are turning out really nicely.

  4. beautiful bag! i would love that your friend is ver very lucky.

  5. I absolutely love it and no way would anyone notice that there's an extra petal in there. Love the colors! I tried the African flower once but didn't get very far with it. My pattern reading skills don't always work out. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  6. Wow, Karisma! What a lovely bag! I love the flower pattern and the mix of colours you chose. So pretty!
    Did not at all notice the extra petal, don't think anyone will.
    Love your work :)

  7. Lovely, lovely bag... I am going to make one...thanks so much for the link... can't wait to see your green one... what colour shall I make mine?...Hmmm... :)x

  8. Thanks everyone! Wish I had the time to make another one now. :-)

  9. OMGosh! I SO love your bag! The flower parts themselves are so pretty and the final end project is just awesome!

  10. African flowers look so fascinating, and I love how you have made them into a pretty bag!!

  11. What a pretty bag!