Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pay It Forward No 4 - Take your pick

This pay it forward gift was supposed to be the easiest and quickest gift out of the five. But me being me, well.....I could not make up my mind just which gift to give. Ahhhh decisions...decisions! 

A gift is something that one gives from the heart. It should be chosen with the person you are giving it to with thought and loving intention. It is with this in mind that I choose not only the yarn for the project, but the pattern that I will use. Next I try to sit quietly and use this time as a sort of meditation where I think happy loving thoughts so that a lot of love goes not only into my projects but to the person that they are destined for. 

Usually this plan works well for me, but sometimes the "too much thinking" vibe kicks in and I begin to worry. Will this person like this? Is it good enough? Will they like the colours I chose? Will they use it? Will they wear it? etc etc etc

Now in this case, I really don't know the lovely lady my gift is intended for, other than a few words here and there on facebook. So initially I delved into my ever growing stash and pulled out this scrummy ball of Alpaca and hooked up an easy cowl pattern. I got about halfway through this when I recalled that this lovely lady had recently become a Vegan and wondered if she would like it after all? Oh Oh! A quick email sorted this out and we decided no thank you. Cotton would be better. 

I finished it anyway as I had already started I thought why not? It turned out quite nicely and I kept it to a simple size so it can double up as a headband/ear warmer. I love these! :-) 

NEXT I found some 4ply Organic Cotton and decided to double it up and knit the Zakka Neck Warmer.   I quite liked this one, and I could see all my girls loving this one, but then I thought, I wonder if N will like it? Maybe she does not like lacy vintage looking stuff? Yikes.  See, too much thinking again. 

I had really wanted a nice wooden button on this and had a fun day scouring op shops and button stores with no luck but I did find this cute flower wood like button and went with that........ Now as pretty as it is, I don't think its going to keep one WARM.......

So I got those knitting needles going AGAIN and I found some cotton blend from Yarn Bee.  This one is a mix of cotton 47%, Acrylic 39% and Polyester 14%. This time I decided to get creative and make up my own pattern. (I will post it for you later). It is really soft and offers a bit of warmth as well. AND it SPARKLES! :-) Yeah, I quite like this one, even if I do say so myself. LOL I think this one is my favourite. Do you like it? 

Yesterday I decided to have a go at making a fuzzy warm chunky style crocheted cowl. Just in case, none of the above was suitable. This one was a really quick project and I think its a bit too big. Well, it is on me. Looks kinda like a big clown collar on me. But when pulled back so it fits and rolled down, it looks quite nice. So a smaller version would probably be better. This one is 100% Acrylic. Sorry I don't have a picture with one wearing it right now. But it sits over the shoulder and round at the front. 

I was very tempted to make yet another one but I was reminded that one baby I intended to knit for is due this week and I have not yet made a present. Woops. I better get cracking with the baby goods. 

So Miss N, if you would like to choose which one is grabbing your fancy I will send it along ASAP.  I hope you like at least one of them. ;-) I had loads of fun making them all. 

I will try and write the patterns up later today or tomorrow for the rest of you. Love and Light to all. 

Hugs and smoochies  xoxoxox


  1. Oh I know that feeling so well! My problem is that I usually sit up making things into the wee small hours...full of enthusiasm and convinced things are right.. then in the cold light of day I change my mind and frog it! So is Miss N was waiting for a gift from me... well I just think she is VERY lucky to have 4 to chose from! I love the blue one Karisma... beautiful! :)x

    1. Oh yes I have done that before too. Miss N has chosen the blue one! Perfect choice I think. :-)

  2. Your daughter's gorgeous!
    You've been so busy! How awesome crankin' out those cool neck accessories. I love how you're giving the recipient a choice which is way more than generous. I love the possibilities of color for each one.
    I agonize when having to pick out buttons; there's so many choices!

    1. She says thank you! My problem with buttons is that I always have something in particular I am looking for that I can't find and I end up coming home with a gazillion others because I "might" use them one day. LOL