Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Buzz Buzz

Just a quick whipped up little Ta-dah for you today. Here is the little sweater that I was telling you about the other day. I did not have enough of the one colour but found some lemon to stripe up the bottom section and managed to get it done.  I called it Bumble Bee. 

I used 6mm bamboo needles for the first time. I thought that they were a bit big for my liking but I loved the way the felt to knit with. The wool is Basics pure in 8ply.  ( I would usually go for a 4mm size of needles which to me is much more comfortable).

Although the stitches looked ok in the end I found the joining edges a little loose so not as neat looking as I would prefer. 

The pattern calls for a little tie at the top but I am not sure if I will add this or maybe use a button instead. Still thinking on that one. 

Here is the link the pattern   One Skein Hooded Baby Jacket  (Name aside, I need 3 50g balls for this one). There are also errors in the first section of the pattern.  I would suggest you also check out this ravelry page before attempting the pattern as Jill has rewritten the first part of the pattern so it actually works! I was so grateful to find her re-write after thinking it was I making the mistakes over and over. 

Here is my little friend Natalie modelling for you. The sweater is a bit small for her.......but it gives you a bit of an idea of how it will sit.  Well sort of, the hood is also too short for her as it is a new born size. 

It was a quick and easy knit once you deciphered the errors in the pattern. I changed the bottom to a plain edge as it went better with the stripes. The original pattern had a picot edge. 

I am currently focussing more on crochet than knitting and hopefully will have another ta-dah in a day or so. Have a wonderful week everyone!

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox


  1. That is an adorable sweater!

  2. It's darling! :O) Gosh, it came out so well Karisma.