Friday, 30 March 2012

Quick Updates....

Ooh I have been absent quite a bit lately haven't I? Sorry about that. I have been a little busy offline and when Im online I seem to be lost on Ravelry for hours and hours. No lurking by all means, learning my friends, learning. My queue is getting rather long though. hehe!

I have been trying very hard to keep up with the Freeform Crochet project that I am working on. I will show you some more of it when I get more time. One of the tasks last week was to incorporate something Mayan inspired and I went with some surface crochet (another new thing for me, like most of the requirements) and drew my Mayan Daysign. 11 Men (Eagle). 

I have to say that while I am loving learning so many new stitches, I am also finding myself stressing quite a bit at trying to get it all done. My knitting has been sorely neglected too. My bad. Must get that finished also. I have not really had enough time to fit it all in. So am not sure if I will even get it all put together in the time required. 

Now apart from all this Miss Kashi and myself have started our own group on Ravelry called Everything Zen. We are hoping to start some CAL's and some KAL's and well just hang out and chat and encourage each other with our yarny pursuits. We hope that you can come and join in too! (Click here to join) if you have not already. 

Now I must away and try and get a little housework done before attacking that freeform once again. Have a wonderful day and a great weekend all. 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxoxox


  1. I have got to try the free form crochet. Yours looks so nice. I am loving our new group. Thank you for jumping in and getting it going.

  2. I just joined thanks for the link...:)

  3. You are brave for trying that freeform crochet. I love the whole what tickles your fancy feel.