Friday, 2 March 2012

Baby Hoody Blues

In my haste to come up with a few extra baby goodies this week, I thought I would start a baby CAL on our everything CAL group on ravelry. I rushed into choosing a project that I thought would be easy and quick and simple enough for beginners to join in with. 

I have to say that while it was easy and quick, I am really not satisfied with the whole pattern. No offense to who ever wrote it but I have pretty much come to the conclusion with crocheted garments there should be as little joins as possible. 

This hoody was made all in separate pieces and then sewn together. My first attempts at joining in the arms had me just about pulling out my hair as no matter what method you used, it was noticeable. I very nearly gave up but then decided to just do it using whip stitch. 

I had to pretty much force myself to stick to the pattern and remind myself constantly to add a little love into it as I really was not enjoying it at all. 

I used Patons Baby Wool, in 4 ply in both green and blue mixed together to make 8ply. It feels quite thick but is still soft and gives an interesting blend of colour which is probably not quite captured in the pictures. 

In my guiltiness of not feeling my usual love for a baby project, I chose some little love hearts to finish it off. Because despite it not being my favourite thing to work on this week. I am hoping that it will be loved by someone. Gemma thinks its cute. Me?  I keep seeing those joins!!!!! 

The thing I did love about this project, it has inspired me to make more effort to design my own patterns, as well as given me a little insight as to why my previous attempt at crocheting a sleeve in this particular manner was not working with the pattern I used. I will show you that one when I get around to finishing it. 

Overall, my gripes aside, it is rather cute! But I won't be making it again. 

Its pouring down rain here today so I guess I will be starting something new and working on my last pay it forward gift. 

Have a beautiful day everyone. 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxoxoxoxo


  1. I am about half done with mine now. I like yours. I think it looks great. I do want you to write your own pattern though. I will make it if you do. :)

    1. Cool, thanks. I will try and come up with something soon. I am in the middle of a couple of knitted projects that I need to finish as well. So maybe once they are done I can get to it. :-)

  2. Despite the hurdles you had to overcome, your FO is wonderful. Love the sweet, heart buttons on it.

  3. I think it's very sweet :)