Friday, 11 May 2012

Bright Blessings

Just a quick hello this morning. I was planning to show you my latest baby cardigan but I am yet to add buttons so maybe later today.  For now, here is a little headband to feast your eyes upon. Because we all know pictures are very necessary when reading a blog post right? hehe! 

This little gem is off to Bali in a few weeks to a beautiful lady who I met when over there last year. Her name is Ida, and she sits everyday, outside her little shop and crochets headbands and little baby born swimmers to sell. She does not know how to read patterns and was selling thin headbands when I met her. At the time the headbands were not selling too well and I took off the one I was wearing and gave it to her to copy. (It was one I made myself). 

She whipped up several and sold them all while I was there.  :-)

So when my friend asked me the other day if I would mind making one with a flower for Ida to copy as she is going over next month. I could not say no. I am a little wary as to whether she will be able to copy the flower as they are a little harder than the plain stitches. Fingers crossed or else I might just have to go for another visit myself. LOL While we have definite plans for next year, this year was not really on the cards. What a great excuse to go though hey? Crochet and learning in the sun! I could manage that. :-) 

Anyway, I am hoping to make a couple more with different flowers and maybe some little clothes as well. Trying to keep it simple though and a bit pressed for time with all my other projects so will see how I go.  Oooh I would really love to go and visit Ida again! Yes I would! 

Have a beautiful day everyone! Hugs and smoochies xoxoxoxox



  1. How wonderful to meet new crochet friends in different countries. I too met two crochet folks during my recent trip to Jordan - they were making the finer, filet style crochet, really beautiful.

    Im sure Ida will be delighted with the headband!


  2. Dear Karisma. First of all Welcome to my blog. I am so happy your visiting. Believe me that your blog is my favorite blogs that every morning when I came to my office I look first. And I must say that I like your crochet headband so much. My hair is not so long but I think I may use this and I decided to make the same for myself. All your works are wonderful. You are very sweetheart. Thank you and best warm wishes..

  3. How cool to have met a fellow hooker in another country! Love your headband.