Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Greetings and WIP report...

Greetings my friends, long time no see hey? I have been keeping very busy of late. We went off on an un-schooling camp and then one day after getting back my youngest went off on a school camp which after 10 days of constant camping, getting wet and cold a lot left him and then me with a chest infection. We are fighting away at killing off those germs with herbs and soup. Right now I am wishing I could go back to bed with a good book and stay there. 

So, as you can imagine, not a whole lot of crafting time has been available but I am chugging away at a few projects and hoping to get them finished as my to-do list grows daily. I really do need to learn how to say NO sometimes. Easier said than done hey? 

Anyway, I did finally finish this bag.....

And am still chugging away at this ...

and this..

which kind of came to a standstill when I got to this part.....as its really not much fun....lol... I promise I will finish it though.....

I think I lost interest when I realised that I probably will not really like the finished result. The urge to rip it all out and make something else with this lovely yarn is on my mind a lot, so I put it aside for a bit. 

I am very nearly finished my KAL/CAL project, the Amiga neck cowl. 

The wool knits a lot nicer than it crochets and I am really not sure of the colours at all, although quite a few people have expressed their love for it.. not sure if I will keep it, gift it or maybe sell it when finished. I am pretty tempted to start an etsy store after so many suggestions from friends to do so, however, I keep giving everything away so I don't have a whole lot of stock. LOL My baby pile is growing though, so nearly sorted for presents for the up and coming births this year.....

And of course mid everything I could not resist casting on just one more.......

Will give you all the details when I am feeling better and able to link etc. For now I am off to rest. Hope you are well. 

Hugs xoxox


  1. Oh, but i do love the stripey blue an green you're busy with!
    Hoping you're all better soon.

  2. Wow I love that cowl!

    Hope you all feel better soon.


  3. I´m glad, I´m not the only one with so many wips. :) I love your baby pile! Everything is so cute.
    I hope you all feel much better very soon!
    Hugs, Barbina

  4. Thanks everyone, I am feeling a little better today but now another child has come down with it. Argghhh. Looks like winter is here! :-O

  5. What a nice stash you have for gifts! You are so smart to build one up.
    Love your bag. Those colors pop so wonderfully against that dark brown.