Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Good morning my lovely friends. Its 6.30am and finally I have a quiet moment to pop in and say hello.

Its been a busy week down here. We have been celebrating Xmas a little early. My daughter has been for a visit from Melbourne and you may remember that I was owing her a little present which has been on the hook since June.

Those of you who have been here for a while will know that I had dramas with this one. Dramas that have taught me to trust in myself and to have a little faith and all that jazz. :-)  Why? The rest of you may be asking? Well, to cut a long story short (because it panned out to be a really long story),

  • Daughter wants a long coat to keep her warm on cold winter Melbourne days.
  • Mum picks out several for daughter to choose from.
  • Daughter picks one from Melody Griffiths designs.
  • The pattern calls for Noro silk garden and will cost way too much
  • We improvise with Bendigo Woollen Mills Serenade.
  • For the first time in ever, mum does a test swatch as she does not have a big enough hook. It measures up beautifully so we go ahead. 
  • Mum begins to panic when the amount of rows called for look way to short. Pops online to order more yarn, which has of course now gone up. $104 later we are back in business but need to completely change the pattern to get this to work. 
  • Many more rows are need and of course the jacket is not as wide as it should be. 
  • The sleeves needed to be changed all together as we need several increases along the way.
  • Next was the addition of a border all the way around. Which could have been wider but as daughter is on a weight loss mission at the moment, we did not want it to end up too big. 
  • We did not make it as long as the one in the pattern because the gorgeous yarn is way too heavy. 
  • In the end we did not really need to buy all the extra yarn anyway. Woops. We did use extra purple though. And on the bright side. Mum now has a marvellous addition to the stash pile. (Insert evil chuckle). 
Now I know my rambling must be driving the scrollers among you nuts so without further ado, here it is, finally as finished as its going to get..........

Drum roll please.........presenting the long awaited Stripy Serenade........... 

Ta-Dah .....

There was no time for blocking or being fussy as my girl is off home today and wanted to take it with her.  She is very happy with the results. I am very happy that it is finally finished. It is so warm and snuggly. 

I think we can say we have one happy customer, don't you? 

And now I must away. My time is up. The girls are awake and I must wake up the boys. Another busy day is in store for us here. Lessons for one, School for the other, Gymnastics, Long car trips, airport drop offs.....the usual mama shuffle of getting everything done and everywhere they need to be. :-) 

Have a beautiful day everyone. 

Love and hugs 



  1. Very very nice!! Love the horisontal stripes and the muted colours.

    1. Thanks Stel, My daughter chose the colours herself. They came out quite nice together.

  2. Beautiful!!! I would love to wear that too, those colours are wonderful! Your daughter is very lucky having such a talented mother! :)
    Wish you a great rest of the week!

    1. Thank you lovely. Her mama is so lucky to have such sweet blog friends who leave such kind comments. Hugs to you xoxox

  3. It is gorgeous. Shame she has to wait 4 or 5 months before it will be cold enough again to wear it! :) I'm in Melbourne and the last few days, and tomorrow too, have been quite hot, the thought of wearing a coat at the moment is dreadful! I don't think you needed to add any further border it seems just perfect. And those pretty little buttons, a sweet gift from Mum to gorgeous girl.
    xXx Helen

    1. We heard you had hotter weather than us lately. Its actually been raining and quite cool for a few days here. Already heating up to be a hot one today though. I might just have to head down the beach. :-) I bought the buttons a while ago as I could not resist them and they turned out to be perfect for this coat. xox

  4. Oh, my!!! that's just beautiful!!! Not just talking about the coat, either. You popped out some lovely children.

    1. Thanks lovely. You just reminded me of the yearly photo shoot I took the other day. I have been warned not to facebook them as no-one was dressed up or had their make up on. No-one mentioned anything about blogging though. bahahahaha They gave me quite the giggle I have to say. Just because they get bigger does not make it any easier to get them to sit still and smile all at once. :-)

  5. Oooh heart buttons look so so lovely.. Very beautiful gift for your sweet daughter..:))
    You make perfect handmades..:))
    Best wishes...

  6. what a beautiful card! I LoVe the buttons too. One lucky lady your daughter is!

  7. This coat is fantastic! At first I thought it was a child's cardi from the first pic. I loved how your husband went big on spending for his daughter. She looks absolutely great BTW. Your play by play was too funny!