Sunday, 2 December 2012

Xmas Fun

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas already isn't it? Our house is no exception to the rule. This weekend I handed my girls one of those little Xmas Felt kits which required a bit of sewing, some gluing and a whole lot of patience.  As they sat down with much excitement to get all crafty together, I was instantly reminded of them as little children. My three creative little bunnies, all so very different in temperament.  

My oldest girl had this very contented look on her face (she was the perfectionist when she little) she loves getting creative, the middle one looked quite serious (she was all for getting the job done in a speedy and efficient manner, she was the more contented little soul as a child) and the youngest, who made me laugh as she had the grumpiest look on her face and when she noticed me giggling she said "Mum, can't we do some easier craft?" (She would be the impatient one, who surprisingly enough grew up to take her time with her creative processes, this one being no exception, grumpy beginnings aside).

So a little into the crafting joy, they all started to grumble. The glue that came with the kit was not sticking the felt down. Hmmm. They raided my craft cupboard and tried several different glues. A little while later, they all gave up declaring this a bit of an arghhhh project. 

The youngest however set hers aside and let it dry. The next day she did a little more. Last night she presented me with her finished work which took a few days to complete because "Mum, clearly craft glue needs to dry, its not superglue after all. " Yes clearly! :-) 

I eagerly await the presentation of the other projects. I have full faith they will work it out. :-) 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox


  1. How cute! I hope they have the patience to finish as well!

    THis makes me think. I was supposed to teach children's church this morning and had prepared a lovely lesson (I let the kids do most of the talking and I just kind of prompt them), which would conclude with making tree ornaments. I bought kits and the instructions said something about low temperature glue gun... well "glue gun" and I just don't work well together. I get the stuff EVERYWHERE. Instead, I bought some permanent glue sticks for the kids to use. Then I got sick. The lady who volunteered to teach in my place is a bit daffy and asked me if I thought she could handle the ornament-making. I told her the box said kids ages 6 and up could do it, so she probably could manage. Perhaps one of the kids could help her out if needed. I'm sad I didn't get to do my own lesson, but since today was the beginning of Advent, and the lesson revolved around anticipation and penitence related to the coming birth of Christ and the lead up to the secular Christmas holiday as well.

    1. Im sure the kids would have had lots of fun. Hope you get better quickly. xoxoxox

  2. Awe look at your kitty Kat, so cute.
    I bet you had loads of fun crafting

  3. What a cute story about your daughters! It's so lovely how you know them so well and I love how they're all different and how you appreciated that as their mum.
    I am so for that. While teaching parents would always talk about their kids to me how so-and-so wasn't like the older one. I hated that and vowed I wouldn't do that to my kids. I don't. My daughters are different from one another and I encourage their interests.