Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My week......

Has looked a little bit like this, despite the many ups and downs of life drama's........and boy have we had our fair share the past couple of weeks.

Serenity......which I have been calling Serenity Blues due to all the mishaps along the way...

A little re-hashing of Hootz....ripped back the whole top end a re-knitted a little longer for a better fit on the head.

Alpine Spritz (aka Plain tunic) finished despite the fact it kept slipping off the DPN's. Not sure whether to add some bling or not. It kind of looks nice plain.

I have a couple of other sneaky things on the go too. ;-) What are you creating this week?

Love and Light. xoxox


  1. I just love the way your serenity blues looks even though it gave you trouble.

  2. Your Serenity Blue looks lovely, despite all the hassle you had with it...the yarn you have used for it is beautiful!

    The tunic looks really nice plain, I wouldn't bling it up...but that would be my choice :)

  3. That little great tunic is beautiful. The simplicity of it lends it a certain elegance. It can be dressed up if needed with a pin or something, but I wouldn't do anything permanent to it - let it speak for itself!

    I haven't created much of anything recently. I really think I need to. Perhaps a couple of dragons are in the offing, followed by some good, old-fashioned sewing.

  4. Hahahaha.... perhaps senility is setting in for me too - that was supposed to be "GREEN", not great (though I think it's great too!).

  5. These final outcomes are splendid! I especially love that little dress.