Friday, 24 May 2013


I think the needles need a little sorting out and tidying up don't you? 

After my stating yesterday, that I would need some more needles to re-start my in the round project, I thought I should clarify that what I need is an extra set of 5.5mm needles. While I only have one set each of 5.5mm and 6mm needles. I actually have TEN more sets of 4mm or less. Just in this little tangle of mess right here. Oh my! LOL 

I probably forgot to mention that my choice of knitting was mostly baby in 3 or 4ply when I had the time for it. So while the needles are plentiful around here the sizing is out. 

Using larger needles has in fact been part of the challenge for me, stepping out of my comfort zone so to speak. And while I should be using 4mm needles according to the pattern for said project, I was hoping by upping the needle size that it would come out bigger and it did. :-) 

The weather is not very friendly today. Raining, windy, cold and not the sort of weather that says come outside. Sigh. Great for knitting and crocheting but not so great for washing clothes and getting packed and ready to go away tomorrow morning. We have rented a house near the beach, up the coast a bit and will be staying with family for a week. We had a bit of a set back last weekend when the house we were supposed to be staying in fell through. Thankfully I was able to find another house with such short notice, its a bigger house but it does not have the ocean views the other one did which is a little disappointing. That said, with this weather maybe its a good thing. Hoping that the sun comes out at least. Although I am sure we will have fun either way. 

I forgot to post this picture yesterday. Loving the way my stash is looking at the moment its all colour coded shelf by shelf. 

If the weather fails me too much I shall be scouring the local op-shops up there. Found this in a op-shop a couple of weeks ago. I did not buy it but took a picture as I thought it was cute. Huge basket underneath but it was a bit dirty and they wanted $10. I would have paid half that but I did not really need it you know? 

Have a great week everyone. See you next time. 

Love and Light


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    1. Why thank you lovely, so are you! :-)

      Zak: Why would she say that?
      Me: Maybe she likes me.
      Zak: Maybe she hit her head!

  2. You could make jar cozies or decoupage them for your needle holders!