Wednesday, 8 May 2013

WIP Wednesday.....

What do you do when you are feeling frustrated with your current WIP? Well, you start something new of course. Or several somethings new if you so desire. Anything to get out of trying to solve your problems.  Today I am ripping back part of my Serenity cardigan sleeve as somehow my count has gone wrong. Argghhhhhhhh Increasing with lace patterns is sooooooo much fun!

Been playing with it on and off all week and in between I pulled out this one and finished it....(from a vintage Paton's booklet)....and 4ply Paton's baby yarn.

I made a a birthday gift. Made with Sean Sheep yarn....

Oh looking at this pic, one could be forgiven for thinking I am nearly out of stash! Oh my! Nope, its a new (well new to me, I scored it from my Sister In Law who was throwing it out.) cupboard.

And I started on this one.......a little dress..... its a bit of a tight squeeze on the needles and I am having to keep picking up the stitches but other than that I am off to a good start with this.....

And I plan to start on a CAL for this one too.....  the Lorelei Shawl ..... if you would like to join in we are hooking it up together on Everything Zen (Ravelry Group)  this month.

What are you making right now?


  1. The little dress will be cute in that fresh spring grass colorway. The vintage baby jacket is very nice. The scarf will look even more striking and neat blocked. Sorry you're having issues with that lace project. It usually takes me three tires to finally get that train going.

  2. Lucky you to have a new cupboard with lots of storage space for more yarn :)
    Your WIPs are looking great, Karisma, can't wait to see more of the little dress, it is coming along beautifully. Also the scarf and baby jacket are so sweet, and I love the colours.
    I'm sure you will work out that cardigan sleeve :)

  3. OOoooh a new cupboard, that is so lucky, I wish I had a cupboard for my stash that would be lovely!!

    Sorry to hear your frustrations with your cardi, but I am glad you are still getting other productive projects done :)

  4. Wow, busy, busy! Your cupboard is perfect, my stash is just in plastic boxes and I keep losing track of what I have!