Monday, 24 June 2013

Playdate Hoody & Bobby revealed....

Well I did it! And with one week to spare. I managed to finish both of my projects for my nephew although I had a few hiccups along the way. With my youngest son away for the week it freed up a bit of time to concentrate on getting things done. However, I was not feeling 100% health wise so I had a bit of a fudge brain going on. Oh well, little imperfections are what make handmade sometimes I think. And they still turned out nicely, even if I do say so myself. (insert chuckle ;-) )

I named this one Bobby. This project used 2 balls of Sean Sheep Rockbank, and the rest in Moda Vera Pure wool. 2 balls in a pale khaki colour, one in pale blue and one in brown. All hooked on a 5mm hook.  I loved the way the colours came out in earthy stripes.

So what did I do wrong? Well with this one I forgot to upsize the hook for the main sections. While it might not matter so much, it did mean the chest is a little snug so I am contemplating getting more yarn and making him another one with the right hook size as it would be nice if it lasted a little longer than a few weeks.......he is a big boy for almost 2. And he does not like the snugness going over his head. His mama suggested maybe a button in the back band would be better so she does not have to hold him down. LOL

Sizing otherwise was spot on. And this was a really easy pattern to follow. I changed it a little in the sleeves by adding the colour stripes as I did not think I had enough of the other yarn to follow the colour sequence of the pattern. Mind you the pattern used plain colours so mine looks different anyway.

Now for the plain hoody.  Catching some pictures was a marvellous game and somewhat of a challenge! Might I add that saying cheese to this boy had him running to the kitchen looking for cheese.   I think he wondered why on earth the lady with the camera kept telling him to say cheese and was not paying up....he was repeatedly saying cheese while he headed for the fridge! Strange aunty! We did manage to secure a few shots in the end and you will be glad to hear that I got the boy some cheese! He  thanked me nicely too. So cute!

So whats wrong with this you ask? Well, after giving the main body part a good stretch and block as I was worried about the size. I knitted nearly a whole sleeve before I realised the sleeves were supposed to be in garter stitch. Woops. I was not starting again as I had managed to pick up those stitches ever so neatly, so I just went with the stocking stitch. I upsized the needles to a 5 1/2 mm to do the hood and it gave it a really nice stretchy feel. I think he likes this one better.

The main part was knitted on 4mm needles and the yarn is Sullivans Cozy Wool in Blue Taupe which I scored from an Op Shop (8 balls for $4.50 BARGAIN!!). This project used about 300grams.

I wanted to give you direct links to the patterns but my internet is really slow at the moment so am going to link to the Ravelry pages instead as I already have that open.

The playdate hoody link by Lion Brand is here.

and the crocheted sweater by Coats and Clark is here.

I also squeezed in some time to finish my large motifs of the Lorelei shawl and I made one and a half hats. I will share that another day though.

Hoping to visit you all soon. Take care.

Love and Light xoxoxox


  1. These nephew projects turned out wonderfully. He is handsome in them. What a cute, active one he is. Toddler minds are fascinating.

  2. Your little nephew looks so sweet, what a fun photo shoot :) Both the crochet sweater and the hoodie turned out great!!