Monday, 3 June 2013

Little things.......

Things that make me smile.....

A quick and easy little project from Suzetta at Yarnie-stuff. I had a most loverly time browsing through her free patterns yesterday afternoon and settling on this little vest as a 1st birthday present for my cousins baby. I also chose another pattern which I will start when I have time. Chugging my way through all those birthday gifts at the moment. I think I might make a little shell hat to match though. I have some yarn left. :-)

When we were away last week I stumbled upon these jigsaw mats and had to have a couple of sets. Finally after all this time my pineapple shawl is blocking. I had nowhere to do it before so I am very happy.  The shawl certainly will look better now that the pattern can be seen.

And the other little thing is buttons. I have been searching for weeks for buttons for my Serenity Cardigan with no luck. I wanted wooden buttons but nothing has grabbed my fancy. So here we have four buttons ripped off another cardigan that I don't like and a heart to remind me to feel the love no matter what. This cardigan certainly tried my patience along the way. Thought the mismatched buttons made it that little bit more quirky. As if the colours are not mismatched enough....LOL......ahhhh it makes me smile anyway!

Please excuse the shoddy pictures. I thought if I don't post something now I probably never would. The cardigan although a nice shapely fit does not fit me properly with the buttons done up. Its not tight but it pulls a bit. And I don't have a model to try it on at the moment. All in all, it turned out quite nicely despite the fit. Loved the 3 needle joining technique used for the hood and shoulders.

Now I am off to work on my other projects. Will fill you in on them on Wednesday.. Take care lovelies.

Love and Light to you xoxoxox


  1. The little vest is gorgeous, will look awesome on a little girl.

    Your cardi looks awesome with the buttons you have used on it, and the little heart gives it a different touch to go with those great mismatched colour stripes!

  2. The little vest is so sweet, and your cardigan is great :) I think the buttons are very nice.
    Have a lovely new week :)

  3. Button hunting can be fun! The pineapple shawl looks lovely from that small shot. The cardi is precious.