Thursday, 13 June 2013

WIP Wednesday.....

Well I would show you what I am actually working on but I do not have any pictures right now, so I will tell you. 

Just when I thought my to do list was flowing as it should and I took the time to make a couple of extra little girl things. I find out that I am going to need my nephews presents a little sooner than planned as he is coming for a visit and having his birthday here a little early. Oops! Now that would have been fine if I had not had my dilemma's with his intended Oslo Anorak. 

I did get that back on the needles but unfortunately had to downsize the needles and now I think it will be too small for him. Arghhhh. 

So... I started a different sweater which claims to be a size two but I don't believe them. Set it aside for now.  Its one of those all in one type things in two strands of yarn that is supposed to whip up quick so if I get time I will finish it and see what happens. 

But first I need at least one useful gift for the boy. I am still working on the plain hoody but the knitting part is so boring and I have to put it down often and do something else. 

So yesterday I found a crocheted sweater and started on that. As I am using different yarns and a couple of different stitch sequences it is much more to my liking and hooking up well. I am much more confident that this one will fit. And I am feeling the love so it is flowing nicely so far.  :-) 

I have learned this week that I really need to curb my generosity when it comes to gifts. One gift per person will probably work much better than making several per person and perhaps smaller gifts?  And then maybe not always a handmade gift is in order when time is of the essence. I really started to lose my mojo when finding myself stuck with deadlines and having to rush to finish several projects at once. It can catch up with you all too quickly. Ahh who am I kidding? I will continue on as usual and wonder why I do it again Im sure. haha. I do so love it when I hand them over to someone who enjoys them. 

I am also still working on my Lorelei shawl although I have not touched it at all this week. I hope too. I did make a little progress while on holidays. A little. 

Oh and I did finish this little dishcloth made in cotton. I used a pattern at Froggiez place and then added the crochet around the outside to pretty it up a bit. This is also gift knitting and for someone in my online crochet group. We are having a Christmas in July type swap and I am hoping I get time to make some more goodies to go with this. It was a fun little project and something different! I have never knitted a dishcloth before. 

Anyway I suppose I better get back to it. A little more of that hoody knitting before cooking dinner and then I will work on the crocheted sweater afterwards. Right after I mark the boys English and Math and listen to his latest Ukulele recital. (I heard him practicing today and must say not bad at all for a self taught kid, he is doing so well!) Sounds very relaxing for a midweek evening hey? 

Ahhh no rest for the wicked!

Take care lovelies.

Love and light to you xoxox

Karisma xox


  1. Craziness, for sure! Knowing you, you'll pull it off though.

  2. Oh no, I hate when that happens, I hope you manage to pick it back up, the crochet sweater sounds interesting, I look forward to seeing it when it's finished. Thank you for the tip about blocking, I will look aut for some mats. Deb x

  3. all those flowers over that chair look lovely. and that dishcloth is amazing.

  4. I always want to handknit gifts too but it's too stressful and so much work for me. Maybe make a list of those who you want to craft a gift for and what you have in mind, plus add two more ideas so the presents range in time and size? Then you can have a plan B and even a c?

  5. It's always wonderful to give a handmade present, isn't it :) But having a deadline to finish them can be a bit stressful at times. Sometimes I don't get around to finish a gift in time and ends up buying sometimes instead...
    The knitted dishcloth is great, what a nice pattern, and the crocheted flowers are so pretty.