Saturday, 21 May 2011

Peanut Purple Pants.....

I made this jumper in 2009 whilst my niece, little peanut was still nice and snug in her mama's tummy. I had previously made this for my other niece Jazzy in white in a newborn size and it was so sweet. I decided to give it a try in a bigger size and in some more daring colours......and was not disappointed with the results. I have to say, I LOVE this pattern, it is so sweet!

And now that her ladyship has finally grown into her jumper, I could not resist snapping a few shots to share with the world.

Here our little poser is dancing and strutting her stuff in her "teenage butt pants" (For the record, I intensely dislike jeans on kids under the age of about 4, they drive me insane, this pair was no exception when they were falling off her butt all day...LOL.. I swear her mama deliberately put them on her to stir me up...thankfully, she was changed into a much more appropriate pair of soft overalls, not long after these pics were taken)


This child is in no way camera shy, in fact she will stop what she is doing, pose, smile and then scrunch her face as the flash goes off, model in the making?

That is of course, until she has had enough, at which point .... well... ENOUGH Aunty K, look out or I will eat you.....GRRRRRRRRR......

She is of course a handful and a half, lucky she is so freaking adorable hey? I just love her to bits!

Hugs and smoochies all, xoxox