Sunday, 17 June 2012

A little ray of s u n s h i n e...... on a rainy d a y!

 Wow, three times this past week I have been so kindly gifted with the Sunshine Award. It has also been three time that I have started this post and not had the time to finish it (seems to be my life story lately, not finishing things you know? LOL) , so I aim to try a little harder today. :-)

First I would like to thank the lovely ladies who passed it on to me....
BIG thank you's to.....

 Kepanie, Knitspiring Odyssey

 Hazel, Hazel's Crochet


Kashi, Kashi's Corner 

In receiving this award we are asked to list some of our favourite things.

Favourite animal? 

I LOVE them all. Along with any living being. I could not choose one over another. This saying says it all.......

(Art work by: Carl Brenders  Southern Art Gallery ,)

Our house has often been a bit like a zoo with so many animals in residence. We are however at the moment down to only 3. Two dogs, Bella and Miko and one Crazy Cockatiel called Mookie.

This Miko, she is 3,  and yes she is wearing a dress, don't judge me ok? She was cold and I don't have time to make her a coat right now, I found this dress I started a while ago and it is doing the trick.

This is Isabella Pickles aka Bella, she is 7.......

And this is Mookie......She suffers from regular PMS...seriously, she does.....

Favourite Drink?

I would have to say water would be my favourite, closely followed by tea, coffee and wine. I love them all.

Favourite Number?

I can't say I have one really.

Facebook or Twitter?

I have never been a great fan of either, however, my kids signed me up for facebook a long time ago just so I could look at their pictures and then later as it became more popular and even my mum was on there, I finally caved and started using it.

My passions:

I think I have far to many to list. haha!  I am pretty passionate about a lot of things I think. And we probably don't really want to get me started on some things lest I start rambling. So I am going to say for today, my family, my pets, my garden, the planet, HERBS, Healing, Knitting, Crochet, Cross stitch, trees......I am pretty much in love with trees, well any living thing really.

Small things make me happy. Today my excitement is over my celery.......I read somewhere that you can grow celery from an old stalk bottom and as there just so happened to be one wilting away in the fridge the other day I decided to give it a whirl.  The celery was cut off straight across the top and the bottom and placed into a small dish of lukewarm water. On the second day I noticed that it was already starting to grow and by today (day 3) it looked like this......

Yes I was rather excited that it happened so quickly! I am easily pleased by such things. :-)

Favourite pattern:

Ooooh there are a few over the years that I went back and made over again. One was a little diamond patterned sweater, I made it about 4 times in hoodie, sweater and cardigan form, can't recall the name though as it was many many years ago....a current favourite would have to be this one..(Zoe Mellor), I love the flower pattern and the lace along the bottom. I have made it all in white and in these colours.....

Giving or Getting:

Giving of course, although I don't mind getting either. Some things work both ways, like HUGS! I love giving/getting those. Makes me feel all fuzzy inside!

Favourite day of the week?

Hmmm I don't think I have one really.

Favourite Flower?

I would have to say Elder Flower as she is so tiny yet so packed full of goodness! Such good medicine...Blessed Be....

Favourite country:

Australia! I have only left twice so maybe don't have much to compare it with,  but I have to say I am rather grateful to live in this beautiful country!

As this award seems to be well travelled already with most of my friends already having it. Its a small blogworld afterall. I am only going to give it to one person. I would like to pass the award along (no strings or rules attached - you can do the meme if you want to) to the lovely.......


I really love her blog and I am sure if I lived near to her she would have a hard time getting rid of me if I came to visit. I am very much in love with your garden Hilde. :-)

Hugs and smoochies all xoxoxxo

Till next time, keep safe and BE happy!



  1. I am going to the fridge now to find the celery. Lol. Seriously.

    1. You should. I swear mine has grown a little more today! I am so excited. :-)

  2. Wow Karisma, thank you so much for the award :) I'm honored. And thanks for your kind words!

    It was fun to read your answers to the meme :) And I love the celery, had no idea it could grow like that.
    Hugs :)

    1. You are most welcome lovely! :-)