Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Up-cycle that puppy coat....

On the weekend, Zak and I went down to Sydney to my oldest daughter, Ashlee's house for a bit of a PJ party aka sleepover. 

While we were there, Ash pointed out that Miss Charlotte had quite outgrown her puppy coat that I had made for her already.  We at first thought that maybe I could just quickly crochet a plain one but then Ash pointed out what a waste of this cute little coat and all that gorgeous pure wool. 

So, In true Karisma fashion I just went ahead and ripped back the bottom edging rows of orange and used this to knit the coat a little longer. Then I unpicked the tummy seam and as I just so happened to have some of that yellow yarn along with me, I decided to crochet the rest. 

Simply a row of single crochet, 3 rows of double crochet and joined with a row of single crochet again on the other side. 

 You may remember me leaving off the leg edging before? This is because I have found that my dogs in the past prefer not to have something on their legs and it also allows for easier stretch. I then edged it with a row of single followed by a row of double at which time I ran out of yarn. I would have like to add another row of single crochet but it looks ok. 

Somebody was not too happy about trying it on, even though she had been shivering non stop beforehand. 

Mum, why for you put this on me? 

Hmmmm I am not sure if I like this humans, what are you doing to me? 

No Nana, I don't want a kiss.......

No seriously! I .......don't like you a n y m o r e ! ! !

Well, maybe just a little... hehe....

After a little while she is more comfortable in her jumper and turns her mind to more important matters, like the fact that Zak is eating ice cream and not sharing.......

Nana, Zak is not sharing his ice cream......

Of course in the end her cuteness wins over and she gets a bite (excuse blurry picture, there was a bit too much movement going on....Ice cream is exciting stuff you know?)

Today is my birthday and I am very excited to be off to the airport to pick up my 2nd daughter Meagan who is coming to stay for two whole weeks! Yay! So if you don't see me much you will know why. I will however try to post if I get the chance. 

Have a wonderful week everyone. 

Hugs and Smoochies...



  1. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful time with your daughter.

  2. Dear Karisma, Happy birthday to you. I wish you have a long and healthy life with all your loves.. I like the dog sweater so so much. And thank you that you shared closer photos of the coat. My mother likes to knit dog and cat clothes, coats, sweaters so much. This is so so helpful thank you.. And all best wishes to you and your sweet family...

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm sure you've had a lovely birthday with your daughters.
    Great doggie coat. I've got a minature poodle (well, my 5 yr old daughter does) and hope to knit her a coat this winter.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Karisma!!!! I wish you all the best and a wonderful time together with your loved ones!
    Your little dog is soo cute!
    Hugs and kisses to you! Barbina

  5. Hau 'oli la hanau! Have a spectacular hanau!

    Excellent improv on the coat.

    1. Pls watch out for my Thursday post ;O); Sunshine is a comin' your way.

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. Hugs xoxo