Thursday, 21 June 2012

To Frog or Not to Frog, this is the question?

So do you remember, the sweater I was knitting a little while ago? The one which knitted up ever so quickly - Until that is, I got to the collar part?  Well, if you don't, I am going to have to leave you guessing because I can't seem to find a picture. Maybe this will jog your memory? 

Ahem, well I have picked it up on several occasions, and as you well know, put it down AGAIN. I just cannot seem to feel the love for this pattern. Once I got into the swing of it, its not that hard - although one of my girls thought so when she saw me knitting. "OMG mum, that looks so hard! Why are you doing that?" 

And I find myself once again wondering, "Yes, why am I doing this when I don't really like it?" Hmmmm. So I am about half way around the collar size, still need to do the sleeve cuffs and all around the bottom. I know I would not wear it myself. As I don't like it! However, it may just fit my daughter Meagan who said she liked it, and on and on my but but buts went. 

Meanwhile, while all this "butting" was going on, we took arrival of this....... Meagan asked me to make her a warm winter coat and she chose these colours to make it in........

And of course, I could not wait to play with it and  I got stuck into some serious crocheting instead......

For once in my life, I actually did several practice runs, why? Well because this pattern calls for Noro Silk Garden and as the coat is way too long, this would be far too expensive so we decided to buy the yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills and hope for the best.  The yarn is Serenade, which is a mix with Bamboo. It is very very soft and quite lovely to work with. The colours are a bit darker than we thought they would be but it is still hooking up quite nice. My several attempts at the swatch had me a little confused. While the pattern is very easy once you get the hang of it, It seemed a little off skelter at first. I ended up going down two hook size though as the called for 9mm hook had the whole thing looking just a bit too holey. 7mm turned out to be the perfect size anyway so off I went. 

And so far, I have this much of the bottom going already. 

Now I am not sure whether the yarn will be enough or not, but we can always buy some more. The cost so far is $78 for the six 200 gram balls. Noro would have  cost far more. 

As for that sweater up the top there, you know the one? LOL I am extremely tempted to pull the whole thing apart and make something else with the yarn. Something that I will enjoy knitting more you know? What would you do? 

Ahhhh decisions decisions! 

Have a beautiful day everyone! 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxoxx


  1. Make something else with the yarn. It is beautiful and if you don't like the pattern then you are probably never going to finish it. I love that yarn. The colors are my personal favorites. I love the new coat you are working on. I have that book and I love it. A test run is a good idea though, some of the patterns in that book leave out a few steps. I still love the book though and the yarn you and your daughter chose is gorgeous. Happy stitching. XOXO

  2. I say dump it in the frog pond. If you don't enjoy making it why torture yourself? An FO has so much more meaning and charm when one is having fun creating it with excitement.

  3. Yes I think you are both right. Looks like I have some unravelling to do.

  4. Ooh my the coat just looks so beautiful. Cannot wait to see it.
    Sweater, I wud frog it and make something else. Surely we knit/crochet to make us happy and if your not enjoying there is no point.

  5. I would frog the sweater and make something else with the wool, making things is supposed to be enjoyable! I love the coat you have started, I think it is going to look awesome!

  6. The coat you are working on looks beautiful, and such lovely colours!! Can't wait to see it finished.

    And thanks for your nice comment on my blog :)