Wednesday, 24 April 2013

WIP Wednesday.....

Wow three posts in one day! A record I think. Haha, I am making up for all those times I don't blog for ages thats for sure.

I thought I would give you a little update on Serenity today. I pinned it out to get an idea of the pattern, which is a little hard to see with all that colour. I think I will fix it a bit better and block it while its there.

It's coming along nicely now that I seem to have worked out those kinks. I am really glad I kept going despite the set backs and am looking forward to see how it comes out in the end.

Hugs all xoxoxo


  1. These look like wonderful pieces. Do try to snap pics on the seaming process. It's so intimidating to me.

  2. It's coming along beautifully, I love the colours :)

  3. Such gorgeous colours. Have a good weekend. Deb x

  4. I am glad you managed to get through the kinks with this project, it is looking really good. I like all the colours in it.

  5. Beautiful colours!
    Our computer been playing up so I havent been on it much.
    Ive been looking back on your posts you must be a very fast knitter crocheter your projects are flying off your needles LOL :)
    I wish I could get my UFO finished. My hands have been aching too much the joys of pregnancy
    I loved your plain vest it on my to do list what size baby did it fitted?

    1. HI beautiful. I probably knit/crochet at the same speed as you. The difference is my children are much bigger and require far less immediate attention. :-) The little vest is supposed to be a size one. I thought the arm holes were a little small though looking at my friends chubby one year old the other day I don't think it would fit him comfortably. So maybe 6-12 months would be a safer bet. That was the smallest size although it could probably be easily adapted to make it smaller. It was a really quick project as I made it with 2 strands of yarn. So nice and thick too. <3