Friday, 24 May 2013


I think the needles need a little sorting out and tidying up don't you? 

After my stating yesterday, that I would need some more needles to re-start my in the round project, I thought I should clarify that what I need is an extra set of 5.5mm needles. While I only have one set each of 5.5mm and 6mm needles. I actually have TEN more sets of 4mm or less. Just in this little tangle of mess right here. Oh my! LOL 

I probably forgot to mention that my choice of knitting was mostly baby in 3 or 4ply when I had the time for it. So while the needles are plentiful around here the sizing is out. 

Using larger needles has in fact been part of the challenge for me, stepping out of my comfort zone so to speak. And while I should be using 4mm needles according to the pattern for said project, I was hoping by upping the needle size that it would come out bigger and it did. :-) 

The weather is not very friendly today. Raining, windy, cold and not the sort of weather that says come outside. Sigh. Great for knitting and crocheting but not so great for washing clothes and getting packed and ready to go away tomorrow morning. We have rented a house near the beach, up the coast a bit and will be staying with family for a week. We had a bit of a set back last weekend when the house we were supposed to be staying in fell through. Thankfully I was able to find another house with such short notice, its a bigger house but it does not have the ocean views the other one did which is a little disappointing. That said, with this weather maybe its a good thing. Hoping that the sun comes out at least. Although I am sure we will have fun either way. 

I forgot to post this picture yesterday. Loving the way my stash is looking at the moment its all colour coded shelf by shelf. 

If the weather fails me too much I shall be scouring the local op-shops up there. Found this in a op-shop a couple of weeks ago. I did not buy it but took a picture as I thought it was cute. Huge basket underneath but it was a bit dirty and they wanted $10. I would have paid half that but I did not really need it you know? 

Have a great week everyone. See you next time. 

Love and Light

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Little things.....

This week I have been trying to catch up with my baby gift knitting.  So far I have managed to knit these little lovelies. 

The little bootees are an all time favourite as they don't require ties and don't slip off little feet.  

I also made my very first Aviatrix. What a great little pattern. It was very quick to make and the instructions are easy to follow. I am going to make another one in a bigger size. The yarn is Naturally Loyal 8 ply which was lovely and soft. I still have a little left so I might use it in a vest with another colour. 

I am going to go offline for a weeks break. So hopefully I will get a bit of catch up knitting and crochet done. 

Love and Light to all. 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxo

New things......

I have been stepping out of my comfort zone on many levels lately. Testing myself so to speak. Even my favourite pastime of knitting has not been left alone as I try new things I have not tried before.

Considering I have been knitting for a very long time, there is still so much to learn. In fact I was never taught more than the basic knit and pearl stitches when I was little. Then I taught myself to follow patterns, this was of course in the days before the internet when one had to first decipher the instructions and then learn by trial and error.  It was not long before I was churning out all sorts of lacy patterns. No problems.

So what I have I done this week that I have never tried before. Well..... this for one....

knitting in the round on round needles. Do you know that in all the years I have knitted on these I have NEVER knitted in the round. I always assumed they were for those projects that did not fit on the standard two needles and used them for such things. It did make things so much easier.

After my fun with the plain tunic last week, (which due to the size and double thickness of yarn, kept falling of the DPN's) I finally decided I must give this a try. After all, you never know unless you try right? And all those with experience, they make it look so easy!

I was not so happy I must say. The main problem being that the yarn kept stretching and the join for some reason was not neatly forming. I decided to persevere for a little while and continued with the pattern only to find that although it got easier with more stretch I was going to have to decrease on the way up and it just was not going to work. I would much rather have a neat seam than a messy so called seamless item.

Of course the stubborn one in me was saying, awww, give it a chance, go and buy a shorter needles, that might work. Meanwhile the fussy one in me was screaming no way... this is not looking good enough, rip it back.

Two things had me almost decided, one being the whole decrease situation, the other, that I was browsing on facebook and a friend had posted the neatest looking circle that she is knitting with not one, but three of these needles. Hmmm why did I not think of that? Absolutely Brilliant.

And then I realised I had done something wrong. I had elongated the side instead of the back so my iffy seam was going to sit right in the front if I left it. Ewww And then there was the little holes that formed on the turning rows, probably as I am using larger needles than I should be.

So, I of course ripped it back and am going to go and buy another set of needles this size. I will probably stick to two. And although the needles are bigger than they should be, the sizing is perfect for the intended little almost two year old and  I like the soft feel of it so am going to use it. I will post more about the yarn (which is most loverly) when I re-start.

Have a wonderful weekend all. xoxoxo

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My week......

Has looked a little bit like this, despite the many ups and downs of life drama's........and boy have we had our fair share the past couple of weeks.

Serenity......which I have been calling Serenity Blues due to all the mishaps along the way...

A little re-hashing of Hootz....ripped back the whole top end a re-knitted a little longer for a better fit on the head.

Alpine Spritz (aka Plain tunic) finished despite the fact it kept slipping off the DPN's. Not sure whether to add some bling or not. It kind of looks nice plain.

I have a couple of other sneaky things on the go too. ;-) What are you creating this week?

Love and Light. xoxox

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

WIP Wednesday.....

What do you do when you are feeling frustrated with your current WIP? Well, you start something new of course. Or several somethings new if you so desire. Anything to get out of trying to solve your problems.  Today I am ripping back part of my Serenity cardigan sleeve as somehow my count has gone wrong. Argghhhhhhhh Increasing with lace patterns is sooooooo much fun!

Been playing with it on and off all week and in between I pulled out this one and finished it....(from a vintage Paton's booklet)....and 4ply Paton's baby yarn.

I made a a birthday gift. Made with Sean Sheep yarn....

Oh looking at this pic, one could be forgiven for thinking I am nearly out of stash! Oh my! Nope, its a new (well new to me, I scored it from my Sister In Law who was throwing it out.) cupboard.

And I started on this one.......a little dress..... its a bit of a tight squeeze on the needles and I am having to keep picking up the stitches but other than that I am off to a good start with this.....

And I plan to start on a CAL for this one too.....  the Lorelei Shawl ..... if you would like to join in we are hooking it up together on Everything Zen (Ravelry Group)  this month.

What are you making right now?