Wednesday, 23 July 2014


OK I totally tried...I tried very hard not to cast on anything else...I really did but in my own defence, Winifred is going very well and with one sleeve almost finished.  I thought it was a fine idea to take a break and make something little. Nothing wrong with that yeah?  And I got very enticing mail on Monday and I kept saying "Don't you touch that....don't you dare!!!"

What one gets when ones crappy cheap needles break and ones fluffy yarn snags on the other cheap needles. The internet is dangerous my friends. Too easy to spend money without leaving the house! 
And I totally did not touch that. I kept looking at it and thinking about casting on Summer Strawberries but I refrained and kept on knitting away at Winifred and then I saw several Aviatrix hats pop up in my facebook feed and happened to stop and read one of the posts. Because I do so love an Aviatrix and never get fed up with seeing new ones. :-)

If you are not familiar with the pattern, Aviatrix is a FREE pattern by Justine Turner aka Just Jussi for babies and kids, comes in all sizes, yarn weights and it is a rather unique pattern. I for one, out of curiosity took a little stroll on the internet and was unable to find one just like it.

Sadly, it has been blatantly copied with only a  minor change to detail by French company Phildar and published for sale. (copy here)  A sad occurrence and one that has a lot of people in an uproar on Ravelry. This is a very popular pattern and a very generous freeby as well. Considering how well it is known I am rather surprised they went ahead with it. One would think an established company would know better. (Update: After writing this I read some more info that apparently they have done this to another designer before and basically being in an area with not a whole lot of internet access they appeared to get away with it and take no note to whats being said on Ravelry. A shame.)

 It does have me wondering though, just what is considered right or wrong in the knit/crochet design business. Of course when we hear of something like this, we think it is wrong, however, I have seen many many knitwear designs out there that people claim as their own only to see several practically identical patterns with the same claim. Then there are all those very old books that most may not have seen which also look very very similar to many new designs. There are only so many knitting stitches and as a person who often makes up my own designs as I go along or changes patterns to suit myself it now makes me a little wary of taking the plunge and going into selling them. Of course I would not attempt to sell a pattern that I had changed just slightly it just does not feel right. Yet some people I have spoken to truly believe if you change it by just 10% thats ok. In fact I had a very short but quite heated debate over that certain cardigan that was giving me grief last week when someone suggested I rewrite the pattern myself. Ummm NO. Sure I will do it and make it for myself but I would never pretend to have come up with that design. Its NOT MINE.

I will admit I have seen crochet or knit items in pictures I liked and then went ahead a "made" one myself. I  needed no pattern and maybe I did not make it exactly like the one I saw but still I would not claim the design as my own. The pattern however is my own. I made it up myself using my choice of stitches etc. So where does one draw the line? Hmmmm Lots to think about. Thats for sure.

Anyways, my thoughts have taken me astray from the project at hand. In support of Just Jussi's sad news. And the fact that it is going a little viral right now. There is a KAL on her Ravelry group, a peaceful protesty kind of KAL but all friendly and nice like. If you feel like showing your support and want to knit up a little Aviatrix hat yourself (here is the link to join in). As with most KAL's there is chit chat and even some generous donations of prizes.

My little effort up there ^ is the newborn size in DK. I used about  half a skein each  of Moda Vera Printed Pure Wool and Moda Vera Pure wool in pink. The button is from my Vintage stash. A one off. Its really pretty, the picture does not do it justice.

If I get time I might make another one in a size 1 for a friends little girl. But first......first I must get back to my Winifred. Only 8 more sleeps till my holiday. Yay. What yarn and projects shall I choose to take with me? Oh decisions decisions!!!!!

Peace and love to you my friends. Have a beautiful day! Namaste xoxox

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  1. This is a cute hat. The button is darling and Downton Abbey worthy.