Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Cute much?

This is another test knit I did recently for Erin of Mymymy Knitting.....its called Bliss Bomb and is a plain tunic style top knitted in 8ply cotton. The pattern itself comes without the heart design shown in the pattern picture but Erin is working on having that added.  She has linked to a graph for those who wish to add them.  We decided to add some crocheted flowers instead this time. A quick and relatively simple pattern with an I-cord through the top. 

The pattern is also available in a 10ply version on Ravelry. 

My thoughts? Cute, very cute! :-) 


  1. Beautiful ohana thou have. Great job on this halter.

    1. Thanks lovely. The big girl is mine. :-) The little one is my brothers. <3