Thursday, 24 July 2014

Things that come from keeping yarn in ones bag....

Good morning lovelies, How are you today?

Its a wee bit brisk down here but the the sun is shining in all its glory and I am looking forward to a nice walk along the beach later today.

Yesterday was the first long walk I  managed in a while, it has just been too cold to go far the last couple of weeks. We tried, but the wind was biting so we turned back and enjoyed the scenery from the car. Yesterday I walked with bare feet and tested the water which was slightly warmer than the air but not as warm as the lovely sun. It was enough that once you had walked that little bit you were warm enough to enjoy. So enjoy we did.

I love winter walks on the beach. You often get the whole beach to yourself and this means I might just happen to start singing, skipping along and whilst dreaming up new ideas. LOL Who am I kidding? I am prone to do this even if the beach is crowded. But it was a most loverly walk with only the sound of the ocean for company. The hubby by then had decided to take a run and I don't do run.

I do come up with pattern ideas though. Which reminds me of what I had to show you today. I have not named this one yet and am not sure whether I will write up the pattern or not. Sometimes I like to make what I call Scrappy hats or Happy Hats, hats that come about just because I happened to have been taking walks, going for drives (passenger wise of course) and from having a hook and yarn in ones bag at ALL times. Sometimes I make them up as I go, sometimes I try to take that picture from my head and make it real.

This one is made from Bendigo Woollen Mills Serenade, (which is a merino and bamboo blend) and some Cozy Wool which is a variegated pure wool.  I started with a flower and then went from there.

It was created whilst freezing ones toes off at early morning soccer matches, gazing at the beach on blustery windy days and finished whilst snuggled in front of a warm fire.

Take care lovelies, have a beautiful day. xoxox


  1. That is a nice tam. It's neat how you used different stitches.
    That beach view is fantastic.

    1. Thank you. That is our favourite local beach. :-)